Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rain iis supposed to be coming to the desert

5 before 6 a.m. and the AC just came on, never went below 90 last night. today will be cooler than yesterday's 108. Only 101 today but humidity is 51% so will "feel worse" than yesterday. This is what they call muggly weather in Indiana. 
So I got up before sunrise this morning. Lots and lots of clouds in the sky - rain expected over parts of the valley this afternoon.

Yesterday Bill uncovered the Jeep to bring it out front to clean it up and start getting it ready to travel. Oops it wouldn't start. And his handy dandy little Jump Started was discharged.
 So he brought the convertible out back to jump it. BUT the jumper cables were about four inches too short. Look how much lower the convertible is than the Jeep. When we ride in the Jeep I look out my window and can see truckers faces. When in the convertible I look out my window at tires. Strange to get used to. 
Was just about to call AAA when one of the Jump Starters got enough charge to start the Jeep. 
The building inspector comes today [sometime between morning and night!] to sign off on the AC permit. He came just before noon. All is well. 
We are/were did bring the RV over to house to straighten it up and load some things. But it is supposed to start raining just after noon. And rain on and off for next couple of days. Will play that by ear. Had it here for about an hour. So darned muggy I couldn't stay outside. Loaded and straightened a few things before taking it back. 
Again because of the clouds we've had some kind of nice sunsets. Looking east over the desert.
 Looking west towards the mountains across the valley. 
 This was last night. Just thought these clouds looked pretty.

Got my laptop out this morning to set it up for travel. Why is that never easy. Of course I course I couldn't remember my password for the RVTripWizard app. Guess I thought I'd remember it 'cause I didn't write it down. Finally got it set up on all three of my browsers. But to get it on IE I had to sign into Microsoft first. Did remember that password went through many steps to reset it.  So finally  signed in and then it  told me it was syncing everything to the Cloud?!?!?! And syncing it with "other devices." Lovely. Wonder how many problems that will cause. GRRR now my laptop has a password to get into it. Good think I wrote it down this time. 
Yesterday I called Verizon to increase my data GBs for when we are not home and I'm using our Jetpack. I was expecting a run around, but, got nice women took a few minutes to add data and will only cost me $10 more a month. On a month to month basis. 


Mark said...

Wow those are some very nice sunsets indeed.

Carol and Bill said...

just need clouds over the desert.