Saturday, September 12, 2020

Fall is almost here.

Got to love these temperatures. Maybe? Thursday will be our last 100+ day for the year. But probably not. At least it is cooling down at night, that makes a big difference. And we aren't going to have any winds for a few days. Maybe Bill can get his new drone up in the air - after he gets his eye fixed. 

Been as busy week. I had a doctor appointment Wednesday - which has lead to 3 more appointments for tests and heart monitor. Well actually four more appts, cause of course have to go back for all results. For now just increased dosage of one of my meds. Bill had two tests on Friday. Still has to go back for results. At least he got in and out of office in record time.
On Monday he goes in for laser work on one of his eyes. Not a minute too soon as he says has lost almost all sight out of that eye. Seems like our doctor dance card gets fuller each year. 
I did manage to get some fall decorations up. Forgot I had them, happened to open a cupboard and there they were. Stained glass in the kitchen window. 
Made them when we were in Indiana. 
Made these place mats in Indiana too. Used embroidery machine for the center sections. And the fruit basket we bought at a craft fair some where in the mid west a long time ago. 
Still playing with the air fryer. These turned out pretty good. Wonton wrappers lined the silicone muffin cups. Inside was canned albacore tuna in water, minced shallots and garlic and chopped artichoke hearts [in water drained] cream cheese, white wine vinegar - never knew there was such a thing. Lemon juice, coriander and nutmeg. Very good. Will make them again. 
The last puzzle in the box - 750 pieces, took a couple of days. Now on to my new box of 8 - but three of them are only 100 pieces.
The temperatures have been down but the smoke from all the fires in surrounding states continues. The gray above the lighter sky is all smoke. 
Again a smoke red sunset. 
Finally it was cool enough when I got up to take a walk. Did almost two miles in 45 minutes. Used to be faster than that but...I've only seen these flowers growing wild but these were in a front yard. 
I always feel so much better after a walk. Just being outside and saying Hi and smiling at neighbors. Besides I've got to get rid of some of the pandemic laziness and weight. 
We heard from our friend Rafael, the singer, who we always love to listen to in Mazatlan. He is playing in the Plazuela Machado again. Doing fine, no problems with the virus. 
Did some house cleaning and watching two NASCAR races today. 


Mark said...

I watched a video of Rafael singing in the plaza, was going to send it too you. Sending good thoughts for Bill for Mondays procedure. Cooling down here as well. In the low 5o's here at night now. Stay Safe.

SandyM said...

Sending prayers for Bill's eye surgery tomorrow.
Was so happy to see that you will be going to Mexico - that is so exciting. For us we will spend the Winter in West Virginia as it fits our comfort zone. If we were still RVing we might have made a different decision. Will follow you every step of the way.

Kathy Tycho said...

Love the Thanksgiving decorations. Those little quiches look delicious. We will go to Mazatlan in November. Will likely have to fly because the border will likely not open. We have bought travel medical that covers Covid even with the current advisories.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - cooling there and cooling down here are two quite different things. To us cool is anything below 100! Laser eye work did not go well. No difference today from yesterday.
Sandy - Hopefully things in Mazatlan will be okay, here in Nevada, especially Las Vegas there are still a lot of cases of virus. But we aren't out and about that much.
Kathy - Unless Bill's eye is better I'm now not sure what we will do. He isn't comfortable driving with one blurry eye.

Barb said...

I hope Bill can get that eye fixed soon! Those white lilies are my favorite desert flower! I usually see them along the side of the roads. They are so pretty but very toxic, especially to animals.