Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 Yes, yesterday was a three OMG kind of day. 

This is just a pretty picture, no more, no less.

Went to see the eye doctor for Bill. He has to go to a retina specialist on Thursday. Then we will know more about what is going on. Not good news, but the doctor he saw was quiet sure there is something can be done about it and his sight will improve. Wait and see.  

Then in the afternoon I had to go for my last test. I thought it was a stress test that takes over an hour. Turns out it was a CT scan with iodine and took only 10 minutes. Got to doctor's office at 1:30 were in car on the way home by 2:10! OMG

As we were driving home noticed some dark clouds over the south end of the valley - rain? 

 An hour or so later I noticed it was getting really dark out. So grabbed trusty camera and rushed outside to check. Oh my! Really dark clouds almost over us. 

And then I felt it - rain drops on my head! Didn't last long though. This is all we got. But where my girl friend lives in the south valley it poured and thunder and lightening. OMG 
Later noticed there was a pink tint to the sky so out again. Strange this was looking south - not west.
And this was looking east out behind our home.  No color at all to the west. 
The rain moving over the desert to the east. The official rain gauge for Las Vegas is at the airport and it didn't register any rain yesterday. So officially we have had 156 days without "measurable" rain. 
And the biggest OMG - The Raiders actually won their first game in the new stadium here in town. Against the Saints! Now that is a real OMG!
Still haven't cooked dinner. Maybe tonight. 

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