Sunday, September 20, 2020

Thank goodness for puzzles

 Aarrrgg....I can't have any more coffee or tea for 24 hours. Today will be okay but tomorrow morning is going to be hard. Having a CT Angiography tomorrow afternoon. We also have to go to Bill's eye doctor early tomorrow morning. And maybe stop and visit our son who works a couple of blocks from doctor's office. A busy day.

Watched the NASCAR race yesterday, my driver almost won, but almost doesn't count. At least he finally had a fast and well handling car. Next Sunday the race will be here in Las Vegas and our governor will not let the track have fans. Even if they allowed 20 thousand fans they could be spaced 30 feet apart - outside! Oh well.

Here is a 300 piece puzzle I did. Thought it would take forever as it was just waves of colors.

I finished it in about one hour, one of the easiest puzzles I've ever done. Only hard part was the bit of red, red-orange and orange right in the middle. 
The last blog I mentioned I was thinking about cooking dinner. Well I did. Potatoes and breaded chicken filets were cooked in the air fryer. Did asparagus in micro and made mushroom and shallot sauce for over the chicken in a frying pan. [does any one know how to get caked off grease off the bottom and outside of one of those copper chef frying pans?] Very good meal. Everything cooked perfect in air fryer at same time. 
This morning I breaded and cooked the remaining chicken filets. Bill will use them in sandwiches. 
Got grocery order this morning, only one thing substituted. Arrived at 8 a.m. right on time. 
Also did laundry and dusted house. That's it for today. Going to get out another small puzzle. 
Also watching a soccer game, their season in Spain is just beginning.
Debating cooking again. Salmon and breaded zucchini spirals. Will see if I'm still enthused by dinner time. 
P.S. Nope no cooking tonight. Maybe tomorrow. 

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