Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Been an interesting week

 Didn't realize so much time has gone by.  A smokey sunrise from one day last week. We are still getting smoke, but now it is from northern California. 

Worked on this 750 piece puzzle for most of the week. The colorful parrots were easy. It was all the blue parts that took a long time. After a while they all looked the same. So would stop and go back later find a couple of pieces and leave again. 
We have about four or five hummingbirds that come all the time. Amazing how much they can consume and how quickly the nectar goes down. 
No that is not a rats nest. Bill cut my hair for me, each time there is a little more gray in it, but mostly still dishwater blond still. My mother still had brown hair at 86. 
Finally finished the puzzle at the end of the week. 
Speaking of the end of the week. I had an appointment with the allergy doctor and it was half way across town and I actually drove there.  Bill wasn't feeling good so off I went. Haven't driven that far in a long time. Forgot how much I enjoy driving my Mustang. Made it there and home with no problems.  Interesting visit. Had to go because one of the three pills, Zantac, that I've been taking for years to control my chronic hives is no longer available. It could be replaced with Pepcid which has an antihistamine, but doctor wants to see if the hives can be controlled by upping one of the other pills to two a day. And he wants me to cut back on the third pill from 2 times a day to once. Come to find out as one ages that pill can cause serious problems with reaction time and coordination. So we'll see what happens, go back in five weeks. Or sooner if hives pop out. 
And then on Sunday Bill comes up to me and tells me he is losing his sight in his left eye. WHAT!?  Thing look wavy and like he is looking through a black veil. Oh boy. So Yesterday morning we called the doctor where he ad his cataracts removed and explained what was going on. They had him come in at 3:00 in the afternoon. 
So some pictures from our ride across town. 
Lady Liberty is still wearing her mask. 
Zoomed in to see what it said. 
Well there are actually people walking around from hotel to hotel.
Also saw this new - to me - mural. Didn't get the front of it. This is the side.
This is the back wall. 
So saw the doctor. Turns out it is quite common after cataract surgery to have this happen. The capsule of the new lens moves towards the lens and the distortion and haze are caused by that.  According to him, easy laser fix. So in two weeks he goes to have that done. 
This is new to me also, on the MGM hotel front. Probably advertising something. 
On the way home we stopped at the market too. Everyone was wearing masks in the store, the carts were sanitized before a customer could take one. Sanitized our hands when we got back in the car. 
But it felt so good to get out and about for a while. 
Today we are having a break from the 100 degrees. It is ONLY going to be 98!!! We had 56 days of  over 100 and many of them were over 110. This weekend again it will be over 110 for several days. And we have had no rain for over 130 days. 
So that is it for now. Going to enjoy the cooler day while I can. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Masks mandatory in stores, carts sanitized, hand sanitizer as you enter.

We go out about 50% as we would normally.

Ruth's Life is Good said...

We seldom go out, once a week we go pickup our mail and if we need something that we did/could not get delivered Larry will mask up and go into a store. We live in Texas and currently everyone must wear a mask inside stores, we appreciate this, makes us much more comfortable going inside. As with you our groceries also have someone sanitizing all the carts. Guess this will be our new normal for a bit. Hope your hives stay away.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie, We have been out to stores a bit more recently. Usually because we've been out for another reason. All grocery stores now require masks, but see then under noses, pulled down while talking etc. At least none we've been in have been crowded. I hate going to doctors offices, but so far they too have been empty.
Ruth, We are still getting the majority of our groceries delivered. It is too bad when going to doctor and grocery store is the highlight of the day lol.