Friday, February 24, 2023

Area around Valentinos.

There has been a lot going on around here the last couple of days. All of which has kept us tied to the RV park. After Gilberto finished the neighbors motorhome he repainted the hood of our RV. Just a teasing picture. A lot more color in it to match the Jeep. And speaking of the Jeep, it got its final polish and now sparkles, it is like a mirror reflects everything. 

Also got our water pump fixed but then discovered the RV won't start. Battery is fine so something else, waiting on mechanic today. He also is supposed to check out our refrigerator as it doesn't want to run on propane when we are dry camping. 
We both are looking forward to going home.  (Hope it is mouse free - I will cry if it isn't.) Though the weather right now in Vegas is HORRID. A couple of days ago a few homes where we live were damaged by the wind, roofs tore up and metal carports and patios torn off. Now over the week end there will be heavy rain, maybe snow and more winds and 40 degree temperatures. So when we leave here next week think we will go home very slowly. Interestingly enough here in Mazatlan we are getting the very outer edge of a lot of that weather. Cloudy, cool and cold wind. 
Enough of that -  A couple of weeks ago we took one prefect sunny afternoon to spend some time around the iconic Valentino's. This is what the building used to look like when we first started coming here years ago. Every night it was lite up with rotating colored lights. Wish they would do that again. The building was built in the 70's I think and sometime in the 20teens it was empty and starting to fall apart. A few years ago the government and private parties got together and started restoring it. Thank goodness. 
Walking from the parking lot to Valentino's we passed a rental place for these. This one had an interesting paint job I thought. 
A La Mona Pizza restaurant is one of the new businesses at Valentino's. Very good pizza.
Part of the restored building. All updated landscaping and walk ways. 
Seems like all of the new businesses are bars and nightclubs. Wish one would be a restaurant.
This is a very tourist visited area, some of the vendors waiting to talk to someone. A couple of these are time share sellers. They are listening to music and sometimes get up and dance a little. 
Looking north to Valentino's. 
It is built right on the ocean. Narrow walk way for suppliers to deliver things. Nope, Not Me. My stomach fluttered just looking at the walk. 
One of the new night clubs. 
Quite a view. Interesting building isn't it. 
One of the Carnaval monigotes is in the small plaza here.

The cross walk over the street. 
The first sculpture along the Malecon." It is named La Familia.. It represents a Mazatlan family contemplating the city with optimism awaiting the arrival of a new century. It was built to celebrate the beginning of the 21st century. "
This the first time I've been able to get a picture of it without some one in the picture. 
Lots of tourist in town so lots of vendors around. I like all the hats on their heads. Wonder how heavy they are. They all seem to be selling the same things. Hats and sunglasses. 
They need a permit to be able to sell. And once we were told they wore white shirts to indicate they had the permit. They guy in black with clipboard looks like an official of some sort. 
Just looking out at the islands and ocean. Rocky in this area. We picked the perfect day for this, sunny but not too hot and a nice breeze. 

Looking south on the Malecon. So many new high rises and more being built all the time. Changed the whole skyline of the city.
More vendors set up with tables and shade along the Malecon. The sign says no swimming. 
Guess he didn't read it. 
A tourist bus passing by. 
Some more pictures of the building. 

Looking back south to the Malecon.
The Golden Arches are every where. See the big white building. It is new, there used to be an RV park there. The California RV. 
Sign for one of the bars. Most of it makes sense, except for no jeans or sportsware permitted. Hum.....I guess shorts and t-shirts are okay though. No idea. It is a very beautiful bar. Took pictures of it last year. 
And that was our afternoon at the beginning of the Malecon. For got to take a picture of the Mazatlan sign there. Never saw it without lots of people around it. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

Awesome as always Carol. What a great set of pictures. Is Bill behaving himself?