Thursday, February 23, 2023

Painting neighbors motorhome.

Our neighbors motorhome. Gilberto had a blank canvas to work with. In fact the whole motorhome is stark white...

Tracing the projected picture on it. The owners put together the picture they wanted. 
If you look hard you can just see the tracing lines. 
First step to outline them so he can see what he is doing. 
Starting to add some colors. 

More detailed work on the eagle. And the landscape. 
Working on the wolf.
End of first day. Lots done. 
Working on wolf some more detail. 
Eagle is almost finished. 
Now doing final things on the landscape. 

Details of the eagles wing. 

Finished product without the clear coats. 

With the clear coat- has more depth. 
Today Gilberto will be repainting the hood of our RV. It has faded a little bit.


SandyM said...

Awesome! He did all that in one day? His work is amazing. Thank you for sharing the process.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy took two days. still amazing.