Monday, February 18, 2019

All is well

Sorry I haven't posted. More because nothing is going on then because any thing is going on. As you can tell from blog - boring...
More on the Carnival puppets - they are getting a lot of press, most of it bad. 
Mazatlan Carnival Monigotes cost 60 thousand pesos each, 300% more expensive than those of 2018  [the papers underlining.] This due to the excessive expense that was made in the elaboration of Carnival puppets with a value of 60 thousand pesos each - about US dollars 3100, 40 thousand pesos more  - 2000 US dollars - than those made in 2018.
According to a survey conducted by El Sol de Mazatlan on its website, 13 percent of respondents consider that the puppets are striking; 66 percent that are ugly; and, at 21 it does not interest him, what speaks of the controversy that unleashed the carnival “sculptures”.

But back to our daily life. A couple of days ago Bill had our favorite Mazatlan auto mechanic, Pablo, come over to check out the brakes on the Jeep. Here is Willie with his rear end in the air. Pable's helper is jacking up the front end. 
All the wheels off and the mechanic has taken the parts 
to his shop to be resurfaced.
In a couple of hours he was back and the car was put together again. 1700 pesos about less than 90 US dollars. 
The work on the wall continues. They will probably finish to the corner today - Monday. 

Bill checking on how the work is progressing. That is the main engineer. 
Some of the work being done from "our side of the wall."
After the blocks are up the good frame goes between the sections and cement is poured in the frames. Then more rebar on top and another wooden frame forms a solid top piece. Cleaning off the excess cement. 
NO we are NOT going home yet. Picture from Las Vegas! Yes that is snow. 
Have some good drone videos of the work site - just need to get them ready to post. 
Bill continues to feel better and better, he is trying different foods, so far so good. 

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