Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Construction around Las Jaibas

Bill took the drone up for a bit today. Hope you enjoy the videos. As near as I can count there are 18 homes in some stage of construction. Still lots of dirt moving and compacting going on. This video starts out looking east towards the rear of the RV park. The cement wall is close to six feet high. So a lot of dirt has been put in here. There are four men by the wall as the drone pans toward the east or beside us. Remember the tall skinny building is west right on the ocean. He could not take the drone up very high as the winds were kind of strong. There will be over 500 residences here when finished. 

The second video is kind of more of the same. Just different views All the dump trucks were just sitting there - the short squat white machine is one of the compactors UGH. We think these are the back of the houses, but not sure. 

The dump trucks that are in the videos. 
 Oh yes! They are unload the blocks for the extension of the wall. 
 They have put in the rebar supports. 
 And by mid-afternoon they were three blocks up. Yes, all that garbage is in the RV park. It is the old chain link fencing and posts. 
Hopefully once the wall is done we won't be getting so much dirt and noised.
Bill had his last shot this morning, tomorrow they check to see if the infection is gone or just under control. Hope it is good news He is feeling better and eating good. Today we went to the mall and for a ride along the Malecon to see the Carnival puppets. More on them later. 


SandyM said...

Thanks for sharing the video. Someone is really pouring the money into that development. Do you know where they are getting all the soil they have moved in and compacted? That is a lot of earth they have moved. Good to hear Bill is feeling better.

SandyM said...

Carol, do you know if this is a private venture or government housing?

Carol and Bill said...

No idea where the dirt is coming from but it is not too far away. Some whole hills have disappeared judging by the amount of dirt moved in here !

Carol and Bill said...

This is a family owned development company from Cuilican. Impulsa is the name. They have built several developments here. Most of the workers live in Cuilican and they are bused back and forth every week.

SandyM said...

Interesting, thank you. To be bused fron Cuilican sure makes for an exretra long day for the workers.

Carol and Bill said...

just home Saturday and back Monday

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