Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Wall is being built - are we on the right side of it?

Today, Thursday will be a quiet day at home. The mechanic, Pablo, is coming around 10 to check/do the front brakes on the Jeep. And from noon on there is NASCAR on TV. Bill might or might not be able to talk me into going some where and just recording it. 
Yesterday we took in a sample to the hospital in the morning then went back to talk to the doctor about the results later in the day. There is still some infection but doctor wants to wait until tomorrow when the culture results come back before he makes another decision. So right now Bill is not taking any antibiotics. He is feeling much better, eating better, in fact seems to be hungry all the time. But being careful of what he eats. Little steps, he is now using margarine on his toast and mayonnaise on his sandwiches with no problem.
This has nothing to do with Mexico but came across this picture of our sons taken in the poppy fields around Lancaster CA - sometime in the spring of 1971. The baby, Gil was born in the fall of 70.
Left to right they are Paul he is 50 now, John, who would be 54 this year, Randy who is 58, Gil 48 and Dennis who is now 60. A long time ago. 
But back to Mazatlan. There are five dump trucks just sitting there getting ready to go get another load. This is the back wall of the park. After they dumped their load I think the dirt is high enough that they wont be dumping any more in this area. Thank goodness..See the guy standing there, the wall is taller then him. Lots of dirt has been moved 
 This is on the north side of us.They are getting ready to extend the height of the wall with concrete blocks.The extension already comes to just beyond the tree. Unloading the blocks by hand. 
 The supports were put in the day before.
Coming back from the hospital we saw this ladder driving down the road. From a ways back we couldn't see the motorcycle. 

 During the trips back and forth to the hospital they got a good start on it. 
 Getting right to it. Looks like someone was working on our side too. Homemade ladder. 
 Blocks piled up between the supports. Just in from the right side there is a brown lump on the ground that is where our Internet connection and wires is. Hope they don't step on them. 
Bill is feeling better - he washed and waxed the hoods of the car and RV. The window of the RV is so full of dust. Yesterday I wash off our lawn chairs. Rivers of MUD came off them. Hopefully most of the blowing dust is done. 
 Got quite a bit of the wall done. Where the wood is the area where the rebar supports are. He is standing up there waiting for a bucket of cement to be passed up to him so he can pour it into the wooden frame.
 Mind you - he JUST put the blocks up - the mortar isn't even close to being dry. And he is standing on it.  
 Pouring a bucket of cement into the form. Another bucket is waiting to be handed to him. He is about 12 from the ground on our side. 
 Good thing those blocks are slipping. And those buckets have got to be heavy. 
 Supervisors ?? watching? Can you imagine OSHA allowing something like this? 
 This is looking behind us again. We can see his feet so all the dirt is dumped and compacted directly behind us. 
 Last nights sunset. Looked prettier then it photographed. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Can I assume that is going to be a privacy wall for the homeowners? Hopefully, it will block noise and dust for you in the RV park.

SandyM said...

Enjoyed seeing your photos in this post. Great picture of your boys. Hope you and Bill are enjoying every day in Mazatlan minus the construction noise and mess.

Carol and Bill said...

Yes, for the home owners. It will go all around the development and it will be a gated community. But we are happy to see it going up too. Except now no pictures unless they are from the drone.

Carol and Bill said...

Well we are enjoying the weather - other than that...he is just now starting to feel good enough to get out and about for a bit.