Sunday, February 10, 2019


112 days since we left home. 
Saturday morning we watched an important soccer game. BUT at the same time there was the first action of the NASCAR year in Daytona. I think I'd mentioned we have finally joined the 21st century and for the first time ever we have a DVR. [it came with our Dish installation] So anyway - I set all the practice to record. And it DID! So I got to watch it all in the afternoon. Didn't miss a thing. Dish Anywhere is amazing. From here, using our Mexican Internet connection, I can record something on my DVR in Vegas and then watch it here. Like a kid in a candy shop! Kyle's M & M's  #18 car. It is advertising a new has a "brown wash" - not an easy color to pick out on track. Won't say what it reminds me of.  Think baby and dirty. So today I have already set the DVR to record the first race of the year - a non points race.
After leaving the hospital [2nd injection] yesterday we stopped across the street to have lunch. This iguana was playing King of the Hill. Bobbing his head up and down. 
 Guess he was telling the smaller one to stay away. There were four of them on the artificial rocks around the pool sunning themselves. 
Bill is having a hard time finding things without grease, oil, cheese, milk, butter etc to eat. Says he is tired of chicken and salads. Feels like he is going to start clucking and his ears are growing. So he had eggplant Parmesan without the cheese. Said it was very good, had enough left for his supper too. I had a salad - was not what I expected and was absolutely tasteless. I ate enough to get full...
Then on home for the rest of the day. The construction workers go home around noon on Saturdays so we had a peaceful, quiet afternoon Bill napped and I watched my NASCAR and read a new Jonathon Kellerman book. 
Somewhat of a sunset, probably would have been better at the beach. Some times the camera just won't pick up the colors as they really are. This is looking north.
 Looking towards the ocean. It was brighter than this, more golden.
Another trip to the hospital today [3rd shot]and a soccer game and the recorded race. - went out to breakfast on the way home. Poor Bill can't eat anything on the menu - so he had a plate of fruit. Good for him but not very filling. I had soggy waffles. But we got to listen to the sax player. 
Then home to watch soccer. Good game with Barcelona but ended up being a tie. Then because of a long rain delay I got to watch live the end of the NASCAR race. What a joke. Jimmy Johnson made a move and wrecked 16 of the 20 cars racing. And he won because it started to rain again. Don't know why they call Daytona the Great American Race - more of a demolition derby.

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