Saturday, February 9, 2019

One down four to go.

Our second original plans called for us to be on the road heading north today. Which would have been one month earlier then our original plans. Fate is laughing at us...We will be here at least two more weeks. Then we'll see what happens. Yesterday Bill had his first of five antibiotic injections. Did not seem to bother him - thank goodness. Now that we have the medication all we have to do is go to the hospital emergency room and the on call doctor will give him the injection. Easy peasy IF we can find a parking place. Big hospital, very few parking spaces. 
After his shot we decided to go to the Gran Plaza mall to the store where he bought his pajamas last week. Says they are so comfortable he wanted more. (Yes this is our second trip there for the same things, last time the store wasn't open yet.) The door we go in has a gourmet bakery. So hard to just keep walking past all the good things. Just a little of what is for sale. 
And the smell OMG - mouth waters! Just thinking about it now my mouth is watering!
A stair way that goes to the third floor. Interesting.
Standing under it and looking up.
Inside the store in the men's department. I love the old wood flooring. Wish we had it in our house.
After getting two pairs of the pajamas - still on sale - we both were hungry so we went to Torres again as we know the menu there and Bill knows he'll find something he will be able to eat.
The fresh fruit cup guy walking the beach. That is his table he is carrying over his shoulder.  
Bill had spaghetti pomidore - no meat involved. Said it was very good. And I got out of my comfort zone and had something I've always made fun of fish tacos! Smoked marlin with cheese in soft taco shell. Added salsa and guacamole to them and they were pretty good. 
Back to the hospital today for 2nd injection. Thank goodness today is Saturday the workers will go home around 1:00 and not be back until Monday. Anther cool day for here, overcast and some wind. Watched a soccer game this morning during which I hope I managed to record the NASCAR practice - first of the new season. 


Contessa said...

Fabulous staircase photo!! Good that Bill is getting further treatment here. Best be safe an healed before leaving Mazatlan.

Carol and Bill said...

We decided we'd rather stay here until he is over everything.

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