Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Drone videos = Las Jaibas - construction next door moving fast

Bill took some drone videos of the construction around us. I didn't realize that they had already put in a road next door The six original homes have been joined by a whole lot more. This is the back of this section of homes.    Starts out looking east directly behind us then pans to the north to the side of us. The backs of the original six homes. More added on both sides.  A spin around again looking south then east.They are still bringing in dirt in back of us. You can see how high the wall is behind the RV.
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Getting closer to the buildings. These were taken on Sunday when no one was working. A row of homes, a divided street then more homes [only one on other side of street is built.] Lots of empty land still. Good look at the street. The big white thing on the road is a water storage tank. The houses are only about 1 foot apart, no side windows. The construction to the south of us, seems to be in the just moving dirt stage. The dirt goes up to the top of the wall.

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Looking north. The lone house across the street has art of its roof built  One layer of concrete a layer of foam blocks then a final layer of concrete. Interesting procedure. Panning west. Didn't realize they were already building home along the western wall. The whole front area is the entrance where gate building. will be. This video the drone was quite high so a different view. 

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Short video.

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So that is it for now. We are taking a short trip in the car to the  Aticama San Blas area. Hopefully I'll have some kind of Internet connection while there. If not we'll be home Saturday. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Safe travels!

Janet said...

Glad Bill is feeling well enough for a trip. A change of scenery is a great idea. Can't believe how the construction is progressing.

SandyM said...

Enjoy and safe travels.

Carol and Bill said...

Got here fine, but miss RV!

Carol and Bill said...

He made the trip fine. But sure wish we had brought the RV. We are spoiled about having everything on hand and our own beds.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you lots of blogging probably and pictures.