Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Back in Mazatlan

It was good to get "back home" to the RV by Thursday afternoon. But it was still pretty cool and windy here in Mazatlan too. But we have coffee, toaster , microwave and TV so don't mind it so much.
But first one more thing from San Blas. I bought a t-shirt at Juan Banana here is the front - the little store on the beach.
 And here is the back of it. No-see-ims and mosquitoes - San Blas is famous for them. Could not resist buying it.
Friday morning's sunrise. The birds and I were enjoying it. 
 And yesterday I got a Carnaval t-shirt. The only one I could find that wasn't black. It says "Equinox-the rebirth of the senses"
And speaking of Carnaval we drove along the Malecon again the other day [since we've been back] and some of the puppets/sculptures have titles on them. 
She doesn't have a title, still can't figure out how she fits into the theme. 
 This one is at the far north end of the Malecon, near the MAZATLAN sign and Valentinos. Simply has the theme of the festival for a title. Equinox.
Guess he has nothing to do with the fall equinox like we thought at first - It simply says Compassion. 
 Here this is without the title. 
And with the title ARMONIA HERMONIDAD which means Harmony Brotherhood
RENACER  means Reborn
ESPERANZA  means Hope
The Malecon was really busy with tourists and vendors on Friday. Hats and sunglasses. 
 A little bit of everything. At least they were sitting down, not walking back and forth carrying their wares. 
 Okay this one I get - Liberty. 
And that was the end of the ones with titles. I just think she is pretty. 
 Very colorful. 
Night to Day? Dark to Light? 
 Wish this one had a title. Something to do with history?
 Starting to put the gates up to close off the streets for Carnaval. 
Absolutely no idea. 
 Wings and his arms wrapped around his head. ???
Off the Malecon and on our way to the Plazuela Machado to see the sculpture there. This building was in total disrepair the first time we saw it. So glad it has been restored. 
 Driving down the narrow streets in old town.
 I wish I'd noticed the reflections before the car's mirror got in the way.

This is interactive. you can climb up the stairs and become part of the butterfly's body.  
Hum...saw this today it looks kind of like one of the Carnaval sculptures. But it is a long way from the Malecon or anywhere events will be taking place. It is on the corner near the grocery store we always go to. Interesting.
As you can tell by the girl walking by it is pretty big. Also has the same black base. 
Short video of driving in the older part of town. The streets are pretty narrow. The buildings pretty.

Finally the weather here is getting better - in to low 80's. construction continues in full force behind us. Lots of trucks dumping, graders moving the dirt around and compactors doing their thing. Wish that wall would go up.
Carnaval begins today, so town is full of tourists. Limits what we will do or where we will go. Watched soccer game this afternoon, good outcome. Now they are taking dirt away from behind us. Just wish they would finish and be quiet. 

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