Saturday, February 2, 2019

Spending more time up and out

Around 5:30 last night Bill remembered it was BBQ night across the street at Torres La Palapa Restaurant. The more he thought about it the better it sounded. So far he has had no problem eating anything. So decided to give it a try. The sun was just about to set when we got there. 
 Unusual color through the windows.
 He and I both had BBQ half chicken. I had beans and coleslaw, Bill had mixed vegetables and baked potato. We also got a hold of Mark and he came over - he is staying right next door - and had an ice cream sunday. I also had  - Oh My - a drink. Miami Vice - strawberry daiquiri and pina colada in same glass.
At the table across from us a waiter was mixing something involving fire. Couldn't get a good picture, too much light in room. 
This is this morning's sunrise. I have been up since 4:15. Just couldn't go back to sleep.  See the twig sticking out on the right of the left hand tree. looks like a witch riding a broomstick. 
 Just the changing colors and different areas of the sky.

This morning Bill had an appointment with the surgeon. He says everything is doing very good. Told Bill he could eat whatever he wanted. And if it bothered him, to wait a couple more weeks to try it again. Also wants him to come in and give another sample to see how the antibiotics are working. So will do that next week. Still talking about leaving here on the 9th. Have a wash scheduled for the RV on the 7th.
Left doctor and went grocery shopping. Stuff that will be easy to fix on the road and during this coming week. Brought it home and put it away and then decided to go across the street again for lunch. I had a BLT and he had chicken fajitas. We'll see how they set. 
So we were out and busy for a couple of hours. Now he is taking nap and when he gets up we'll watch a soccer game I recorded.
The more he is up and about and busy the better he feels. 
That's all that is going on. 
Oh I discovered a new program on the laptop. It is a slide show maker from Google. Fun to use. I posted a taste of it on Facebook. 
Not sure how to get it in here though. 

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