Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Different couple of days.

One of the biggest differences is how cool it has been here in Vegas. Didn't even make 80 here yesterday and in mid 80's today. But in two days it will be over 100 again! Enjoying it while we can. 
We had an outing today. Bill brought the Jeep out of the backyard a couple of days ago. Washed and waxed it and generally gave it some TLC. So this morning we took a ride. First to the mechanic to make an appointment for some repairs it needs. Then along The Strip for a bit. Then TO A GROCERY STORE THAT WE WENT IN! First since mid March we have been in a store. 
Also tomorrow is going to be a full day. La Liga the Spanish soccer league begins playing again tomorrow and tomorrow night there is a NASCAR race. Wowzie. So exciting. Doesn't take much any more does it? 
The Jeep, Willie, getting love. 
 La Vegas has something for every one. 
 We do have an interesting skyline.  I don't think the Excalibur is open yet.
Look closely people out on the street.  The guy in green vest is cleaning the railings. 
 More people walking around. It was only 8 o'clock in the morning so not many people were out and about yet. 
 Quite a few in this restaurant though. 
 Someone on one of the escalators. Several of these had people with spray disinfectant being used on them.
 I love this sign on the Wynn. It is amazing. Always changing and so colorful. One of these days I'm just going to take a movie of it. One part was Merry go round horses and another was hot air balloons ascending. It almost looks 3-D.
 Never noticed these before, looks like something we'd see in Mexico. I'd only make it as far as the purple then be out of breath. This sitting at home for three months has not been good for us. 
More people starting to out and walking around.  
 Just liked the picture. Part of New York, New York. 
 More skyline. 
 Jun e 9th at 10:00 in the morning and it is only 76 degrees! Amazing. 
 Found this by mistake, the Carroll Shelby shop. You know the Shelby cars. They have tours.
 Oh boy, horses by the freeway! They are metal but sure look real. 
 Ah Ha found it - The Las Vegas Raiders new stadium. It will be open by fall for games. Thank you Las Vegas tax payers. Quite intimidating looking. 

 This too reminds me of Mexico. A guy with a broom sweeping the street. 
From there we went to Smith's grocery for a few things we can't get at WalMart. Not many people there at all. Some of the shelves were still bare, especially the pasta area???
Then home.


Kathy Tycho said...

Isn't it wonderful to be out and about! I grocery shop once a week early in the morning and am as quick as I can be..in and out. No Covid here right now but we must be vigilante.

Carol and Bill said...

Yep - great to be out. Still getting bulk of groceries delivered though. Waiting to see what happens now that the casinos are open again and all the protesting.
want to leave town by end of month looking for cooler weather.