Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Wednesday morning in the house.

And so another day starts.  Kind of a good news - bad news time lately. 
The good news yesterday was our auto insurance sent us $50 cause of the virus. The doctor where Bill had his cataracts done a couple of years ago sent us a letter that they over billed us - so we got $260 back from them. And then I called the Home Warranty people and complained about the plumbers estimate to fix something that was not wrong and they told me to send them something from the company that discovered the LEAK and we would get our $75 copay back. Then of course comes the mess we are living in. 
Yesterday after the workers left - we developed a problem. Half of the house shorted out. No lights in bathrooms, kitchen and dining room. That also meant no stove - it is unhooked and no microwave. But it also shut off some of the fans and dehumidifiers so most of the noise was gone. There are 12 fans and 2 dehumidifiers working right now. (Yes they came over here this morning and rerouted some of the fans and flipped one of the main breakers back on. 
So last night was a mixed bag. The noise level was down - only a couple of fans working. But no way to fix anything warm to eat. So about 8:00 we went over and brought the RV here to the house. Bill fixed himself something to eat out there. 
These fans will be running until sometime tomorrow or Friday...again turn your sound on. To watch it full screen click here
So here are some pictures from the house. 

Great! This is our laundry room. The cabinets there have to come out.

My sewing room - not going to be doing much in there for a while. 

The stove is unplugged and unhooked from gas. No cooking for a while.

All the lovely fans waiting to be put to use. 

Laundry room without sink cabinet. 

Laundry room without cabinets. 

Cleaning up debris.

Cabinet in hallway is gone and wall has been cut away to get to the inside.

Cutting away more wall board. 

Removed part of kitchen cabinets. 

At least they just had to remove a drawer here. 

All the base plates removed from rest of kitchen cabinets. 

Right outside the computer room door. 
Looks like the big green one had babies. Gives me the impression of a bunch of spiders. ICK.
Hole in the floor where the refrig used to be. The fans are multiplying. 

Dishwasher pulled out, stove unhooked. Refrigerator in living room. Oh yes, and no cold water in the kitchen sink. When they shut off water to ice maker hose they also shut water off to kitchen sink! And it just gets more fun. 
Only thing we use in kitchen that is still working is the coffee pot - 
 small blessings. It and the toaster are plugged into the ONLY plug that still works. 
As I'm sitting here writing this something just popped and half the machines stopped running. We've already had the guys here this morning to rearrange the machines. I'm just afraid they might start a fire. This is an old house with old wiring. 
Almost forgot to mention - all the toilet paper, paper towels and Kleenex we just bought were under the sink in laundry room. They are now in the trash. Soaking wet - of course, why not!


Kathy Tycho said...

Geez... what a mess! If you have an out door bbcue it would help but it's probably too hot outside for that. Damn Covid...without that you could just go out to eat. Sorry for you.

Carol and Bill said...

I'm just glad it happened now and not when we were in Mexico. No BBQ but the property management let us bring our RV over in front of the house for a few days, until we can get the stove hooked up. All the fans etc are off now so we can get all our electricity running again. Really missed the microwave.
The drying process is done now - so next the repairs.

Diana said...

So sorry you are dealing with this mess. Not trying to minimize your situation but unfortunately my son and daughter-in-law are dealing with a very similar situation. Their kitchen, bathroom, and Livingroom unusable AND she is in hospital delivering their first baby. Repairs not to be completed for 2 weeks. My heart aches for so many during these difficult times. Take care of yourself and Bill.

Carol and Bill said...

I know I'm complaining a lot about this mess - but we are working around it. Wouldn't be so bad if we could get out and about but being in our 80s we don't want to add any health issues. Give your family hugs. At least most things will now be new. We both disliked our flooring...

Diana said...

Carol, That is so funny, my kids disliked their flooring too. Just bad timing. We are in our 70s and are being as vigilant as possible. The people not wearing masks is driving me crazy!