Friday, June 26, 2020

What a difference a day makes.

It is still hot here in Vegas but at least there has been some improvement with the mess. 
I got tired of some of it and did clear off the dining room table. Nothing got put away it is just cluttering up another area. But makes me feel better to see the table. And the trash can is now back in the kitchen. 
 Yesterday afternoon we got a call that we could shut the fans and dehumidifiers off. Oh thank you. Another day and we'd both be deaf. 
 An okay sunset.
 More of same sunset. 
 After shutting the fans off Bill stacked them out of the way. 
OH YES - they came this morning to pick the machines up! And tapped all the raw edges to hopefully prevent one of us from breaking a toe. 
 Covered big hole in kitchen floor. I was wondering if any animals ever got under the house - hate to see a raccoon pop his head up there. 
 The little room. All the flooring has to come up eventually. Monday the adjuster is coming over to inspect and decide what will get done. 
While here they hooked stove back up and shoved the dishwasher back into its hole. We can live with this. The RV is back in its parking spot. 
But we have been keeping busy, more or less. Bill dug out our old light box so I could trace the pattern pieces for my lady without taping her to the patio doors for light. Much easier now. 
This is what she looked like when I pulled her out of a drawer. I'd started working on her a long time ago and had really made a mess. So spent some time pulling off all the old material. I think I used the smallest stitch on the sewing machine to do them. 
Here she is with all the bad stuff taken off. 
 And here she is now. Lots more to do. And several of the red pieces are just laying on the block, not on permanent yet. This time I'm using  a fusing material, not the sewing machine. 
And Bill has been keeping really busy as well.
 The material around the faces is dyed leather. We got the raw leather years ago in Mexico. To mold it around the heads it has to be wet then slowly dried. 
I like this one.  

One of these days we'll have to open a shop or on line store. Or our kids will kill us if we leave all of this stuff to them to sort out. 
And that is about it. This weekend there are four NASCAR races for me to watch and two soccer games for both of us. 


Kathy Tycho said...

I don't know why you think your life is boring! So much going on 😉

Carol and Bill said...

I guess antsy is a better word than bored. We are usually out and about a lot. Too hot even to go for a walk or sit outside.

Barb said...

Does Bill do all the carving on those himself? They are really cool! You two are so creative and talented!