Friday, June 12, 2020

Found an old quilt and messed up the new one.

The winds have been blowing all day today here in Vegas. They have blown all the new flowers off the Palo Verde. At least the weather will be cooler - under 100 - for a couple of days. 
This is what the puzzle I'm working and I do mean WORKING on now will look like when it is done. All orange and blue shades!
Since I started it I've got the border and that little grouping under the arrow done. Having a terrible time finding any pieces that go together. 
Look what I found. I digging in the closet in the sewing room and found this quilt I made about 14 years ago. I made it for Bill to use in the great room we had at the time, that was decorated in an animal theme. Spread out it is taking up almost the whole floor in the small room where I bead. 
 All tropical and or animal prints with the sashing made of faux fur. I remember fur was all over the place - like a shedding dog. 
This is the back of it - a soft fleece. Good thing I found it because Bill has been freezing the last few days with the air conditioning on. Now he can wrap up and keep warm.
Here he is in the computer room working on his space launch station. Well that is what it looks like to me. 
Actually it is for charging all the crap  stuff for his drones. And it goes with us in the RV!
 Glows in the dark. 

Not doing much else. Started working on quilting my quilt but put the threads on the machine wrong. Had the black thread in the bobbin going on the front of the piece and the neutral thread going on the black backing. AARRRGGGHHH  And of course the machine was on a really small stitch. Finally got it all pulled out and stopped for the day.
And that's all folks. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

We;ve got sublime sunny days with no humidity at the moment. Perfect.

I bought a sewing machine!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - we've got WIND - hasn't stopped blowing for a month. Today it will be under 100 - 97 ha!