Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tico - Part 2

Finishing up on our visit with Tico. We went there a few times, and I tried to take different pictures each time. So this series may be a little disjointed and out of order.
Going out into the back yard to see the beginning of the process.
Just outside the back door. A small kiln.
 Another time we came there were pieces of clay on it.
Here is the clay he uses. He gets it from the hills just outside of town. A pile of the clay after he has collected it. Needs to be sifted to a fine texture and all rocks etc. removed.

 He keeps the clay moist in a covered area. Puts it here after he has sifted and cleaned it.
 Shoeing us a plump of the moist clay.
 Covering it back up to keep it clean and moist.
 Some pieces that are defective sitting on the ground around the big kiln.
 Looking at the big kiln.
 His grand father made this kiln  It is pretty old.

 Looking up at the back of his home.
 Just some pretty flowers growing in the yard. 
 Bill is always learning.
 Their broom.
 Back out front. The pieces of leather floating in a bowl of water.
Lumps of clay waiting to be worked into useful objects. He uses some dry clay to keep the piece he is working from sticking to the table. Like flour with dough.

 The front of his home.
 Bill talking to him about some wood.
 One day there was laundry on the line fence.
 A couple of bowls drying.
 The dark room holds molds and odds and ends that he uses.

 The mold for the small bowl.
And that concludes my post. Hope you enjoyed our visit with Tico as much as we did. We sure hope that Tico and all the people we know in La Noria have managed to avoid the virus. They are all interesting and wonderful people. 

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