Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Finishing and working on hobbies.

Hot and windy again yesterday. Thought we might get out for a while but just too windy and really no place we need to go. 
Not much of a sunset the other night but a few clouds. Looking west.
Turned around and looked east, no color but some interesting whispy clouds. 
I have completely finished the Japanese Lady. Even put the hanging loops on it. Waiting to get the rod to hang it on with our Walmart delivery Thursday. Don't know where I'll hang it...
 Bill has been getting up early to go out and work on the rooster before it gets too hot in the garage. The rooster's legs are beginning to look like legs.
 All the feathers have to be shaped. Think he is going to be busy for a while.
This is one of the hardest puzzles I've ever done! Very slow going. 
I was watching a bunny sitting on our patio this afternoon when the word? Pollywollydinkelsquashers popped into my head. What? You never heard that word. I haven't heard it in many many years either. It is what my grandmother called bunny poop. I know our kids have heard the word but not for years. 
Yesterday was our oldest son's birthday, he is 62 - makes me feel old. It seems I was that age not too long ago. 

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