Monday, June 29, 2020

"Wind Event"

Yesterday was an interesting day. The Las Vegas valley had a Wind Event. Bill took his wind meter outside and it measured the wind between 47 - 51 sustained. Gusts higher. A couple of videos I took.
So much dust in the air can hardly see the hills. 
I woke up about 4:00 this morning -it sounded like something was in the house. A loud scratching noise. OMG my thought immediately went to the hole in the kitchen floor. I imagined a raccoon had come inside. So I carefully got up and explored the house. Nothing inside. So opened the door that goes to our "front" yard. I could barely hang on to the screen the wind was so bad. This was taken in the afternoon, but the wind was even worse at 4:00 a.m. - the noise was the bougainvilleas blowing against the side of the house. 
This morning the weather front has blown through and the wind is just a breeze.
And today we will freeze - high temperature is supposed to be below 90! Though the AC just came on and it is only 11:30. It is set at 84...
The owner of the restoration company came by this morning to write up the estimate for the insurance company. We should hear from the adjuster tomorrow afternoon or the next day. Then we'll get an idea of what has to be done. 
This is a picture I nabbed off the TV - it was taken by a professional photographer  yesterday evening - his name is on the photo. Anyway the mountain, Mount Charleston,  is on fire. So far no control. At least the temps are down and so is the wind. So hopefully they will be able to get it taken care of before it spreads too much
I spent most of yesterday watching NASCAR races. Only to stop watching after my driver's car was wrecked. He finally had a fast and good car then SMASH. Oh well. 
Did some more work on my lady. Stopped when I cut the pieces for the obe WRONG THREE times. [Finally got them cut right this morning.] Then there will be a lot of small detail sewing and other work to do.  
 Bill got up early enough to get a photo of the sunrise. There is smoke and dust in the air. 
Have worked off and on on my Lady - she is one of a set of three. Have started to cut the kimono for the second one. [I'm thinking they would make beautiful stained glass pieces.] Took care of some bill paying and other house business. Not much else. It is getting to be very easy to do nothing.

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