Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hot again.

Just want to mention that I am using the "new improved???" version of  Blogger so if things are different let me know. 
This morning before it got hot out we took the Jeep in to the mechanic to have some things checked out. Turns out all was okay. So he is home and ready to go somewhere. We are thinking about going somewhere by the end of the month for a little while. Depending on how things around the states are going. The Nevada DMV will open for business again next week so we have to get all three vehicles smogged and registration paid. All are past due now. We have 90 days from the date the DMV opens to get them done. At least we can do it by mail and not have to go there. 
Soccer doesn't start until tomorrow. But the NASCAR race is on now.  And I'm in here working on the blog - that is how bad it is. 
A little about some of my hobbies. This is a picture of a big shelf Bill made for me to hold my tubes of beads. He drilled ALL the little holes in it for the tubes. 
Bead holder
Bill made this holder for all of tubes of  beads.

And he made this to hold my spools of embroidery thread. First had to drill the holes then put in the pegs.  Sure glad he likes to make things. 

Holds my embroidery thread.
I have put the embellishments on my Lady.  
And put the frame around here. Still needs to be quilted and the binding put on.
I was kind of thinking about making a bigger quilt using the blocks I made several years ago. But decided I didn't want to get that involved and besides have no where to put or use it. 
This will be the backing. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll finish it.
Well I don't think much of the new blogger. Put a picture on here that I didn't mean too and can't find a way to remove it. Finally had to go into the html and hope I found the right code and remove it. What a drag!!!


Larry in Texas said...

Hi Carol: I could not find a menu item to delete a picture in the new blogger but I did discover that I could simply click on the picture to select it and then push the delete button on my keyboard.

Carol and Bill said...

Larry - thank you, I tried everything but that. Dah! Not sure if I like this New format - but then my brain isn't as young as it used to be. Guess I'll have to figure it out.