Thursday, June 11, 2020

Little bush finally got flowers

So lets see...what can I say that is interesting today? Interesting to me anyway. Thank you Larry for the hint on using the new improved Blogger. I notice that the whole blog is not shown, have to click on "read more" to see the whole thing. Startled me - at first I thought it had just not posted it. It used to be to enlarge a picture it took one click, now it takes three to do the same job! Drives me nuts, but as Bill says I don't have far to go. 
Went out front [actually the side of the house but where the front door is] and saw that our little bush that has been trying to grow for three years has finally flowered. I screamed at Bill, "Get out here, now, hurry."  He about broke his leg jumping up and running to the door. When I pointed at the flower on the bush, he gave me a funny look. Guess it doesn't take much to get me excited any more. So here is its beautiful flower.
The poor little thing every time it grew a little something happened to it. One year the wind just broke it off. The little plant that could. 
Looking from the door back to the bush. Lots of flowers here. 
I love the plants that have two or three different colors on them
Our scalped Palo Verde is blooming again, more flowers every day. But the wind is coming back this weekend - up to 40-45 mph gusts, hope it doesn't blow all the flowers off. There are plants that love the desert and the heat. 
Our colorful patio and just a few of the flowering plants. 
Well I started my last puzzle today - a 1,000 piece one. Did manage to find all the edge pieces, but then every other piece started to look the same. I think this one will take some time. It is all fish in different shades of gold, orange and red. With lots of blue sea. No eating at the table for a while. 
Soccer is back on TV - Spanish La Liga soccer. No fans in attendance but they are piping the sounds of fans into the stadium. And like e-racing - when watching it on TV there are blobs that look like fans in the stands. A little strange. 
I finally finished my stained glass plant. Actually I still have to polish it and put some kind of base on it. I have discovered it is very hard for me to solder any more. My hand shakes so much the solder goes every where except where it should go. 
We have this out by our front door. My house is your house. Nice sentiment. 
This is the one I bought - not so nice, it is out back. My house is my house. 
Now you know what I am really like. 
Not talking about yesterday's NASCAR race - horrid day for the #18. But this weekend he starts 4th, maybe he'll be able to go forward as fast as he went backward yesterday. I hope. 


Doug and Nancy said...

You have such a beautiful yard Carol. Looks amazing.

Hugs to you both!

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you the plants love heat

Jackie McGuinness said...

Haven't tried new blogger yet, saw one blogger who didn't mind the transition.

I may try this weekend, as blogger has been sooooooooooo slow lately.

Glass plant looks lovely.

Laughed at Bill giving you a funny look about the plant, John would have done the same.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - I'm slowly getting used to the new format. But wish they'd leave things alone.