Monday, June 1, 2020

La Noria Pottery Maker - Tico Part 1

Going to write about an experience from last winter as nothing is going on around here now.
One of the days we were out and about - going to La Noria we made it a priority to find the local potter. First we found out his name - Tico. And after asking several people we got direction to where he lives. So off we went.
Tico's home, he was out on the porch working on a large bowl. See it sitting in front of him.
He is turning it and smoothing and shaping it. He turns it with his foot.
Another shaped bowl drying on the sidewalk. It will eventually have three feet to hold it up.
More shaping and smoothing. He uses a piece of wet leather to smooth the outside of the bowl.
Trimming the edges
More work shaping. Notice the roof of the home. The main part of the home was over 100 years old.
Putting the bowl out to dry.
We went back again and I took some videos.  He is using a glob of clay that he flattens by slamming it on the table to smooth out the bowl.
Working on making a large bowl -  both videos have sound.

To view full screen Click Here
Then he made a small bowl part of a mortar and pestle set.
Showing it to Bill. The wet clay is over his template.
The template has a design etched on it so it leaves an impression in the wet clay. The inside of the bowl he was working on. He also scallops the edges to finish it.
Making the pestal.
Sorry it is blurry. Inside his living room. Lots of pots, vases, cups and other items that he has finished.
takes a lump of clay and flattens it. Gets the template and puts the damp clay over it. Showing us the wet leather - from Home Depot - that he uses to smooth the work.  Putting a foot on the bowl.
Here he is working on one of the small bowls.
To view full screen Click Here
Here he is showing us the strength of the bowl. Mark is standing on it!
 Showing us some of the other items he has made.
 A water jug.
 These are all items commonly used in Mexican kitchens and homes.
Vases, jugs and turtles.
 This room is part of the original home, built over 100 years ago. The ceiling.

 Salsa any one?
 I will stop here for today and continue our visit with Tico tomorrow.


Mark said...

And I was lucky enough to have been your captured tourist that day. Was a great day, one of my favorites. Was very interesting watching him make the big bowl. I bought a big mug from him. I remember that day every time I look at it. I am hoping beyond hope to be back there this winter and spending time with you and Bill going out on adventures again.

Tango Dancer said...

I'm more than ready... lest go my friend!!!