Monday, June 22, 2020

Twas a lovely day today!

Today had its highs and lows.  Over the weekend we noticed that our flooring in the kitchen was pouching up at some of the seams. Hum...when I pushed on one pouch - technical term - water came out!
By this morning. 
OH OH!  Every time we looked another seam was getting loose. So this morning bright and early I called our home owners insurance. No problem they would have someone out in a couple of hours. [By this morning the seams in the hallway were coming up too.] I told them we probably had a leak in the pipes under the house. Remember we live in a "manufactured" home - a nice name for double wide trailer. So our pipes run right under our floors - above ground. First second thing she told me was - we don't cover plumbing problems but we will take care of the flooring.  Okay - so I called our home warranty insurance. Yes! they would take care of the plumbing part - $75 to plumber when he walks in door. Worked for me. Plumber showed up in about an hour. Spent time under house then came in and told us. Nope, the warranty wouldn't cover it as we need a whole new main hot water line. From back of house to front. About $1800.  Wow.  Guess we'd get another estimate.
About then the contractors from the home owner's insurance showed up. They went under house. No puddles, no wet pipes dripping. Hum...So they started ripping up flooring. Puddles under the flooring. Soaking wet stuff under the flooring and soaking wet plywood base floor.

See how wet the subfloor is. The felt was sopping wet. 
The kitchen after removing the vinyl flooring. See the puddle, the ugly linoleum is the very old stuff that was under the wood look flooring.  Their handy dandy water detector machine was showing a concentration of water by the refrigerator. So next step - move refrigerator.
 And here is its new home in the living room.
 And guess what they found behind the refrigerator?...An old connection hose for an ice maker - we do not have an ice maker - it was never disconnected removed from under sink when the refrigerator was put in just before we moved in. And the plastic finally rotted through. A steady stream of water was coming out of it. One of the workers looked under the kitchen sink and shut off the valve to the hose. Voila - no more leak. The end of the hose was way back against the wall, down in the teeny tinny grove between flooring and wall. So the water didn't run out from under the refrigerator it got down under the flooring and spread all over the place. 
Lots of big fans and a dehumidifier. Thank goodness it is also hot and dry here.
Mean while this is what we are living with. Turn on your sound.

To view full screen click here. 
So tomorrow should be interesting too. At least we get a new floor. Sure glad we didn't tell the plumber to go to work. Hopefully we can sleep with the noise of the fans etc. 


SandyM said...

Oh my goodness - that is a nightmare! Good that you were there and not on a trip but lets not go there. Hopefully in a few days all will be dry and new flooring can be chosen and order restored. Gosh you are quite calm about this.

Carol and Bill said...

At least it was a break from the boredom - nothing like a water leak to get you up and moving around.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Holy crap! I'd take the boredom. Although not feeling bored here. Getting out most days although avoiding people in general.

Kathy Tycho said...

After Eric remodeled the house 15 years ago a new defective plumbing connection under the kitchen sink cracked, dripped down under the cabinet, got under the kitchen flooring and the K3 subflooring and ruined the floor...I feel your pain! At least you have house insurance and will get a nice new floor😊 Because of our rural situation we've never had house insurance. Good that you don't have a big plumbing bill.

Unknown said...

I think you should report that plumber who told you you need a whole new hot water line. Leave a bad review online or to the better business people. Too many "older" folks are being scammed everyday by dishonest service people.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - I know - crappie isn't it. Now their fans have knocked out some of our power...
Kathy - thank goodness for insurance. Otherwise we'd be up the creek without a paddle. But the floor was only 5 years old - Bill hated it though.
I plan on reporting the plumber - what a jerk.

Janet said...

Nothing like a water leak to get the blood pressure going! Thank goodness for insurance and a reputable contractor.
Agree the plumber needs to be reported. Now you get to tour several flooring stores, so many choices! Rainy and cold
here, LOTS of mosquitoes. Have had enough next year will move back to the big city, too much winter, too many mosquitoes in the six weeks we call summer.