Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Still working on ladies and house.

This afternoon a gentleman came from the contractor and took measurements and checked all the needs to be done. Says we'll hear from him early next week...then we will have to pick out flooring and what ever else is needed and then schedule getting it installed. Such fun. There goes summer. 
Got all our prescriptions ordered for the next 90 days and the pharmacy will deliver them to us free of charge [the delivery is free not the drugs - I wish] So hopefully their delivery person is very trustworthy and that works out okay. Either this afternoon or tomorrow we'll get them. 
Also got the renewal tags for all three vehicles. So another thing crossed off the list. AND the home warranty company called me about the $1800 of new piping they want to put in, us paying ONLY $1000. In no uncertain terms I told them there was NO LEAK in the pipes so no repair was needed. They asked me to send the video of when the other workmen found the leaking ice maker hose. So I did. Maybe we'll get our $75 copay back. Hope so. 
I've been keeping busy with my ladies. Neither one of them is complete. Lots of work to do still. Mostly using the sewing machine. And I can't get to right now, bunch of stuff piled around it. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some rearranging. Also have to figure out how I'm going to do the fan on the purple one. 
 A little closer look. The now have earrings, made them out of the lids from last nights tuna I used to make tetrazini. Cut them out and hammered them with a meat tenderizer for texture. 
 Can see them better here. Oops I wondered where those flowers had gone, the ones on her sleeve. They belong to the other lady. Still have to do her hair sticks - not sure how I'll do them either. 
I have copied the pattern for the third lady, but she is going to be really hard to do. Quite intricate. Wouldn't they make beautiful stained glass pieces. Hummmm...
Bill is still working on his wood spirits. Especially while it is cool enough to work in the garage, cause he is now using stinky paint. 
We've had three days of under 100 - so nice. But starting tomorrow heat goes up again.
Ordered a cribbage game from Walmart, we used to play a lot but it has been a long time - maybe 30 years since we've played. So hopefully we figure it out and can use up some of our time playing. 


barb Soumas said...

Hey, Bill is a wood-worker...Have him make the hair sticks for the "Ladies"...He's got to have some really nice "scraps" laying around...ha,ha! Seriously they look beautiful. The 3D look is really nice too. Can't wait to see them on your wall. Barb

Kathy Tycho said...

Lovely ladies! My grandparents, parents, sisters and my daughters all played crib. Eric doesn't play games🙄so no crib for me. I miss ladies cards (hand & foot) in Las Jaibas😔 Wonder if life will ever get back to some semblance of normal.

Carol and Bill said...

Barb - hum...will have to go look in the garage. Good idea.
Kathy - we are wondering about winter in Mexico - Bill says he wants to go to see how all our friends did. We used to play cribbage all the time, but now am having to try to understand the directions. If you can send me a personal message on Facebook - I have something I want to show you. Some Huicholi stuff.