Thursday, July 23, 2020

An all good things post

Well kind of anyway. [wrote this yesterday and forgot to publish it.]
I still keep finding computer programs and phone apps that need the new password.
Monday's sunrise.

Then the dark clouds moved in. Kind of overcast all day, but no rain on our side of the valley. I like the rays from the sun. 
Workers came to add the extension to the patio roof so it will cover the Jeep. 
And the cabinets for the laundry room and the hallway came. I'm glad we had the quiet weekend. With the house more or less together. 
Kind of put together. A sink goes in the one in the laundry room. And they need handles. There are even drawers in the one in the hallway and the smaller unit in the laundry room. Now have to find stuff to put in them. 
The roof extension got finished and Willie is under cover. 
Sunset Tuesday night
I just liked the shadow of the palm on the front of the house. House is not really that color - just  when the setting sun is lighting it up. 

Looking down the side yard out towards the desert. We still are over 106, but heading towards a cool down to 100 over the weekend. 
Got my puzzles, but can't start them until all the repair work is done. Still have to unload all the kitchen cabinets - I think. 
Workers here today installing the laundry room cabinet, top and sink. 
I wish we could get out of here but it is too hot outside to do anything. Except go to an air conditioned store or hotel, but don't want to do that. Too much virus floating around town. 
Work on kitchen will start Monday. 
It was actually only 80 degrees at 7 a.m. the coolest its been at that time in quite a while. 
Bill bought an air fryer  a Chefman. Didn't come with any cook book...Oh! he says a cookbook will be coming tomorrow. 


SandyM said...

Little by little things are getting done - think you have been patient throughout all this. The sunrise and sunset photos have beautiful colors.
When looking at the picture of the puzzles the donut one reminded me of Mexico. The donuts there are so decorated and the ones they sell on the beach always look so good but I am never brave enough to eat from the beach vendors. Stay well and stay safe.

gumo said...

Your new patio roof may help to cool the house down a bit.

Mark said...

The work has been going at a pretty good pace, supervisor Bill must be keeping them in line LOL.. Willie sure is spoiled...

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I bought a really delicious looking donut once in Soriana - it tasted like compressed cardboard. So haven't tried any moire. I sure hope the bakery in Centro where the baker makes the wonderful cinnamon rolls made it through this virus mess. He had not been open very long.
More new workers coming today to start on kitchen. Hiding out in computer room.
Gumo - It does keep the morning sun off the bedroom. And protecting the Jeep is so important!
Mark. Most work should be done this week. Which is actually VERY quick, we got lucky and caught the contractor between jobs. Today I'm looking forward to something interesting going on., Someone working in kitchen. Are we bored? Think so.

Barb said...

No virus would keep me from eating donuts! Lol!