Thursday, July 16, 2020

Such an interesting week

So lets start with a sunrise. Yes I've been getting  up early enough to see them, such as they are.  Our hot weather continues, but is now closer to normal. Only around 106 - 108 and a slight breeze. The weather people say we "might" get some rain next week. Haven't had any since April 20. 
Bill finished cooking his chicken milenesa. Got it all bagged up and in the freezer. Sandwiches and a couple of dinners there.  
AND the SAGA of the drone is over. It arrived at 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Thank you FedEx driver. So here he is setting it up. Did get it up and running and flying for a few minutes - too hot to do it any longer. He has the mask on his head because every once in a while he ventures out to speak to or watch the guys laying the floor. They too are wearing masks. But it still makes me a little uneasy having them in here. 
The wall board has been replaced and by later in the afternoon it was all taped and ready for paint. 
Two workers, one in each room. Removing the old flooring.  

The new flooring - different color and it has texture. Feels funny to walk on barefoot.  Kind of a weather wood look. 
 The old flooring not yet taken up. 
 They got quite a bit done before they left yesterday. 

I thought I send this picture to some decorating magazine, shows how to conserve space while still having everything within arms length.  
 Even the vacuum is handy. 
And who doesn't want a lounge chair in their kitchen.  Both Bill and I keep trying to close that cupboard door in the kitchen - well we can't it is gone to a cabinet maker. Will be getting new cabinets. 
Finally found some jigsaw puzzles on Amazon - 10 puzzles from 100 to 1000 pieces in a box for reasonable price. Should get them next week. Can't work on any now anyway. 
Had to go to Verizon and get a new phone. Mine worked when it wanted to or not. So now have to relearn a different phone. Hope I can answer it if it rings. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Love the new flooring. That is what we were out looking at this moorning. Getting lots of upgrades done around here.

Mark said...

Be a whole new house when they are done..

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie, Mark - it is not fun having all the flooring replaced - think long and hard about doing it.
Even getting a face lift in the kitchen cause bottoms of cupboards were damaged. I get crabbier every day.