Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Return to sender.

Egad! It is only 8:30 a.m. I got up just before 6 a.m. and it was already 100 out. Been doing stuff on computer and now just want to go back to sleep.
Been on Ancestry.com  Working fine for my family side, but cannot get any information on Bill's family. I'm going to cancel it before I have to pay for it. Not enough info to keep going. 
Yesterday the contractor came by and looked at what needs to be done and came back today with floor samples and tentative estimate today.  He has done some work for us before - and did very good job. He also has all the paperwork the mortgage company needs, all kinds of licenses and certifications for working on manufactured homes. And the community office already has copies of it. Now we are waiting -with our fingers crossed - for the check that "is in the mail." Fingers crossed because we have a new mailman who is really messing up the mail. Can't figure out what box to put things in...Also waiting for check from warranty company that is also "in the mail." PS - the contractor is coming back tomorrow to take up rest of flooring. He is willing to start right away. 
A little excitement around here yesterday - a couple of homes up front by the gates were on fire. Don't know how much  damage was or wasn't done. Hopefully not too much. No more info then that. 
Vacuumed yesterday and dusted some - hardly worth it but it gave me something to do and made me feel useful and less mess the better my mood. Which is getting worse every day. 
Unrolled the latch hook rug and did a few pieces of yarn. Glad that I have the instructions 'cause I couldn't remember how to hook the yarn...Also have the samples of yarn along side the symbols for which color goes where. What did I ever buy a bright fish rug for??? Only about 1/3 of it left to do. 
Any one want a brightly colored fish rug, or wall hanging or very big pillow? Looks like hunks are missing at the bottom but it is just a light colored yarn there. 
Bill just got an Iphone to use with one of his drones. Has no sim card in it so can't be used for phone calls. But my old Samsung with the two cracks in its glass face is starting to really act up. Won't dial until it feels like it - maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I try. And then it goes ding ding and hangs up right in the middle of a conversation! So might be forced into going to a Verizon place  and having them set up the Iphone for me. Really don't want to but...
Cooked a Hello Fresh meal last night. Pretty good, but their portions of chicken are getting smaller and smaller so added a breast I had in the freezer. Mashed potatoes, oven roasted carrots and a creamy mushroom gravy. 
I mentioned he got the phone to use with one of his drones - one he doesn't have yet! He has been tracking it all the way from China, Japan, Alaska, Kansas??, and here to Las Vegas. Friday afternoon it said it was delivered. NOPE. Then FedEx said it was not delivered as address was wrong. And what a nightmare that has been. Called FedEx they said they couldn't help us because the dealer specifically said "If not deliverable it had to be returned to them." Long phone conversation - didn't get anywhere. Return to sender. China? So we called the drone company here in US. No one working to answer phone due to Covid, use on line.  Went on line several times, finally got in line for support. Their answer - call FedEx, explained that would not work. Well go to PayPal and get money back. So he did that. Their answer - work it out with seller. More on line with DJI Drones.  Gave up.  Happened to look at my phone, the one that works when it wants to. There was a voice mail from FedEx "Please call me back and give me right unit number so can redeliver package." No name to ask for. So I called back, a Las Vegas number. Ended up talking to a person who the only thing I understood from entire 20 minute conversation was "OKAY"  But he did get the tracking number and our name and phone number and correct address. Last thing I understood sounded like they would call us back OKAY. That was yesterday.Today back on line with DJI - send us order number and we will try to find out what is going on. Then called FedEx again at Las Vegas number - got two people I could not understand AT ALL.
No idea what they told me. I gave up.  About two hours later I answer the phone, yep it actually rang, and it was the FedEx guy who called yesterday. He has the package, gave him correct unit number and are now waiting for delivery. Today? Tomorrow? 
We moved all the rest of the little stuff out of the rooms where they will be taking out the flooring tomorrow. I then took a nap. My thoughts as I laid down - when did I get so old?



Mark said...

You know me I would not have done well with all that crap. Hope you get it all worked out very soon. Stay safe my friends...

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - well I am not doing very well with it either.