Monday, July 27, 2020

Cleaning cupboard is like going down memory lane.

Nothing else going on around here so working on my ladies, these two are done.I used grosgrain ribbon for the borders. Will hang them on bamboo rods. I'm waiting for red ribbon to finish the last one. No idea where we will put them. 
The ribbon is a little different color then it shows. Almost perfectly matches flowers in her hair. The fan tassel is from some old curtain trim. 
Tuna can earrings. Another curtain tie back tassel. The flowers are little ribbon flowers from Walmart notions. 
Going through the cupboards and drawers. Found this. Forgot I had it. Do we even need to sift flour any more? I used to make two loaves of bread a day when the kids were little. Bought flour in 23 pound sacks. Long time ago.
This cookie sheet was made by one of our sons in middle school. When they still had shop classes. Don't remember who made it but it has to be at least 40 years old. 
Got this from the kids one Christmas - had to be early 70's. Still use it. 
One of the boys also made this in metal shop, a flour/sugar scoop. 
Forgot I had this. Just buy premade crusts now. Also found our old wooden rolling pin. I used to have a potato masher, but haven't found it yet. 
Old, old ice cream scoop - got it in early 70's.
Do you know what this is? Obviously a measuring cup. But it came with a silver rounded lid. You put milk/water and flour in it, put on the lid and shook it to blend the mix for gravy. The lid is long gone and the cup is so misshapen I don';t think it measures correctly anymore, but it is my go to measurer. 
The cupboard door guy didn't show up. So we are still without a microwave - well no that isn't true. Yesterday we ordered a small one from Walmart, it is sitting in the computer room. Heats coffee just fine. 
Made a couple of calls to Mexico this morning. One to our leather worker friend Roberto in La Noria. He and his family are doing fine. The tequila distillery is open and producing. The new hotel and restaurant built above Roberto's shop is very busy and doing great. 
Also talked to the baker, Ruben, in Centro. The one who makes the WONDERFUL DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls. He and his family are fine and his business is almost too busy. Glad to hear that. Makes us feel better to know they are all okay. 
Heading into more hot weather, AC came on at 7 a.m. this morning. And there is rain around us but not here in the valley so the humidity has gone up some. 
About it for today. 


SamdyM said...

Fun seeing your treasures from your kitchen drawers. I use a whisk in my flour canister before I measure out flour and that works for me. I still have and use a hand potato masher; we like mashed potatoes lumpy when we have them and it works great for mashing a few beans in your pot to help thicken them. Sometimes the simple things are better and easier to use and much easier to clean up after use.

Kathy Tycho said...

Nice to hear about friends from Mexico..we worry about them. Raphael from Las Jaibas looks after our house and he is fine. Las Jaibas is open. Sad news that Gilberto the shrimp seller died. He had a car accident but actually died from Covid in the hospital. Hard for them all as they must work. Love all your treasures as we "old ladies" all have so many...some even from our grandmothers. Going to use my Granny's colander on a stand with a wooden pestle to render red currant juice today. Use my 50 year old potato masher all the time.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I was surprised I didn't find a potato masher, at one time I had one. Now I use the hand mixer. You're right the masher was a lot easier to clean.
Kathy - Last night we called Paco who works in the Torres restaurant. They are open and the hotel is 60% occupied. All the workers in the restaurant are fine. Sorry to hear about the shrimp man.