Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kitchen fiasco

The guys for the kitchen showed up yesterday at 6:00 let us know they would be here today between 8 - 9:00 to put the doors in. They also asked about the microwave and hardware for the doors. They are supposed to provide both. We said okay but told them we have to leave the house today at 1:30 for doctors appointments. Well it is now 10:00 and still not here.They will probably show up at 1:30...This is the only day in three months that we have to be somewhere. Figures.
Oh, they just got here - 5 after 10:00 - better work fast. Oops, no microwave. Microwave??  So off to Home Depot to buy one. Back in kitchen. Oh no, they were sent with the wrong hinges for the doors. Had to go get the right ones. Where's the hardware? What hardware. A couple of calls back and forth with the main contractor and the builder of the cabinets and things were settled. [I hope- guess we will find out tomorrow. They said they will be here at 5:00 a.m.]
So here is what got done today. Discovering the wrong hinges. We were supposed to get and did finally get - hidden and self closing hinges. Nice. 
Trying to figure out which door went to which cupboard. A new door up along wall. 
Okay I think we have these figured out.  The big doors above and in this picture are for the pantry cupboard. 
The new doors are on several of the cupboards, but still a lot to go when we had to leave. 
So things sitting all over the house. 
Including the new microwave still sitting on the floor. A new electrical plug has to be installed as this is how it was. Talk about a fire waiting to happen. 
Our new trash can, it matches the doors. 
The new microwave sitting on the floor waiting for a plug. 
Heading into a very hot stretch again. Temps up to the 115's. Very, very low humidity. For at least the next week. Almost three hours at doctor's. I will say he spends a lot of time with us. 
Tomorrow is another fun day. 

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