Thursday, July 30, 2020

They are finished

Finally finished the ladies this morning. Now I have to figure out where to put them. Decided to use black ribbon rather than waiting for red ribbon to get stocked at Walmart. 
I actually got up and got out for a walk this morning.  The sun was just coming up. 
The only almost cool part of the day. Already 85. One and a half miles. Didn't plan on going so long but half way through my walk two police cars and two ambulances came screaming into the park. Have not heard what happened, but don't think it was good.
When we were at the doctor's yesterday my blood pressure was way up. Either all the stress around the repairs and house arrest is driving it up. Or my meds aren't working any more. I prefer to think it is the being cooped up - so will try getting up early and walking. Also have to lose some weight. I hate going to doctor, I always feel fine going in and crappy coming out. Maybe the walking will improve my mood, feeling angry all the time. Poor Bill. Just one of the social areas where we live. There is a club house, gym, pool and all kinds of courts there. The club house and gym are still closed, but the pool is open for residents only. 
In the last couple of weeks all the palm trees have been scalped. Look so funny.
This is what our poor little bush will look like when it grows up. It has five flowers on it now. So doing well. 
Hum...workers said they would be here about five. Not here when I left nor when I came back from walk. Showed up about 7:30. Oh well, as long as they are here. Working pretty quickly today. Most of the doors are on and some of the hardware. Microwave is back up.
It now has a plug instead of just wires taped together. 
The hardware is a kind of bronze. 
And the kitchen is finished too. They were done, cleaned up and gone by noon. So now all the repair work is done. First call to insurance company was June 22 - so just over a month to complete. 
I still have to do some cleaning and rearranging. 
They sure look nice. 

A better view.  I know too many magnets on fridge. Too bad.
The laundry room with new floor and cupboards
The hallway cupboard and new flooring. Hardware matches kitchen. 
So now we have to take pictures and send to insurance company and mortgage company. That will keep till next week. 


Mark said...

I don't think you have enough magnets on the fridge. I mean you still have two thirds to go before it's covered.

SandyM said...

Yea! That must be such a relief to have things back in place and doors on your cabinets. Thanks for walking us through all the changes.

Have wondered why the palm trees are always so scalped....there must be a reason. Do you know what it is?

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - are you being sarcastic to me?
Sandy - the dead fronds blow off in the wind and can cause damage. They are also highly flammable - in fact our palm tree has a black trunk up to within a few feet of the new growth caused by a firebefore we moved in.

Mark said...

No not at all. Just my observation. When the fridge is in danger of tipping over forward from the weight of the magnets, then there are too many of them, so your good still. The magnets are most likely places you have been, so it's nice to look at them and remember.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - hummm...You are getting to Mexico when? Gives me lots of time to think.

Mark said...

Jan 2nd... You have 5 months...

Janet said...

The Geishas are beautiful! Floods are a pain, but the results after are worth it! It took a month when our basement flooded, and our deductible is high because we have no fire protection. Insurance said if damage over 5K they would waive it. I said watch, it will be 4999.00. The bill 15K, certainly dollars we were not going to spend! So although a total pain the almost free Reno is worth it. Everything looks great!

Contessa said...

So much work but it looks lovely now. Walking will be good for your stress and your BP as well as jut plain well being. You will feel better. Wish I could get up early.

Carol and Bill said...

Contessa - only problem is I have to get up before the sun if I want it to be cool enough to walk. Already 90 at 6:00 a.m.

Barb said...

I love your cupboard doors! I have the same microwave. I bought it a year ago and it already doesn't work anymore. Hope yours is better.

Glad your repairs are done.

One more month and things will start cooling off a bit.

Carol and Bill said...

Barb - I sure hope things start cooling off. The contractor comes again today to do a couple non flood related things we wanted to do then that will be the end of strangers in the house.

Jackie McGuinness said...

LOVE the cupboards!