Friday, July 3, 2020

Day by Day Eating good

And another week has gone by. Getting used to living in a mess and am adding to it by trying to use my sewing room. Our brand new coffee pot took a crap - only had it a few weeks. Of course it was after we got our weekly order from Walmart. But that was okay as we have unlimited delivery. So ordered a new one and some ribbon flowers - tiny things for my ladies and a few other things and managed to get them delivered about four hours later. Also ordered a hummingbird feeder, wanted one that had a place for the birds to stand while eating. So that is what I ordered, but guess they were out so sent a similar one without a standing place for the birds. So Bill took it out in the garage and this is how he brought it back to me. Nice little places to stand. So made nectar today for them.
 Been working on my ladies. This is the first one. I got most of the outline stitching on her done today. Actually I thought it was all done, but had to rip some of the obe stitching out. Will do it in the morning when it is cool in that room. Still have to permanently add the earrings, flowers [Bill ordered me the tiny flowers from Amazon, a couple of days later Amazon says they were delivered to our door. Nope - not there. Yep should be. So I ordered some with my Walmart order. Got them and then a neighbor knocked on the door with the Amazon delivery - completely different house number, nice of him to bring it by.] and tassel but this is kind of how they will go.  
 And started to cut the kimono for the last lady, I have to be careful when cutting as my pieces of silk are small, can't waste any. So of course cut the first piece wrong...grrrr. She is going to be more complicated to do. Two pieces of material and one pattern piece in the picture. 
The pest control guy came today, sprayed inside all masked and gloved up. Been seeing some bugs since floor was tore up. 
Also the handyman finally made time for us to take care of the HOA's complaints. So got some new skirting outside and some caulking and painting. So hopefully they will be happy when they come back to check. 
And we got our prescriptions - no problem. CVS mails them priority mail through the Post Office, so got them the next day. 
Well we just used an online doctor - Bill has a heck of a toothache and swollen gum so wanted to get some antibiotics. Went on line made appointment, got call back in about 15 minutes, prescription is on way to drugstore. 
Cooked a delicious dinner last night. Red peppers stuffed with eggplant, green and black olives and capers and marinara sauce. Topped with breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Had two huge red peppers so we have enough for dinner tonight. Also baked a Dutch Apple Pie. I've done more cooking in the last three months than in the last three years.
Races and soccer this weekend. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Well that was a full day! Love peppers and use a lot but deadly expensive here..over $7 a pound. We hardly ever eat out so I always cook and Eric and I have put back on the pounds we lost in Mexico last winter😁 But we are well, safe and have lots to do. No Covid here in our town but it's sneaky and we can't let down our guard!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Lots of cooking going on here too. Which means buying lots of gadgets new or replacements.
Getting new cooking centre in kitchen.