Sunday, July 26, 2020

Not quite so smug today.

Well the other night I used the Air Fryer for the first time. We had glazed salmon and seasoned potato wedges. Everything turned out perfect. So last night gave it another try. Disaster with a Capital D - Tried boneless skinless chicken breast and sweet potato fries. Fries were blackened but under cooked. (cutting sweet potatoes into same size strips was a joke.) And chicken was like chewing rubber - maybe the pieces have to be smaller.. And I used a recipe book. Guess from now on I'll take little steps. Maybe to much in there. No idea. Neither one of us could eat it. 
The painters of the kitchen were here until almost 7:00 Friday night. They didn't want to come back on Saturday.
Just some of the stuff from the cabinets and above the cabinets. Got some of it cleaned up and back in place today. 
A few of the serving pieces from our beautiful hand painted Mexican dinnerware set. Have service for six and all kinds of extra pieces. Each piece is hand painted and signed by artist. Colors are much more vivid than they show here. 
This morning's sunrise. Turned out to be a beautiful day, only 102.
The cupboards with their new paint. I still don't know what the doors are going to look like. 
Don't realize how much you use a microwave until it is sitting on the floor. Mainly for coffee reheating, but was going to zap some frozen vegetables to go with dinner. Ended up cooking them in a pan. 
I have been cleaning and rearranging the cupboards while they are easy to get at and look at what I found. This must be over 70 years old. I remember my mom using it to grind up chunks of bologna and dill pickles to make sandwich filling. Used to put it on the counter top edge. Won't fit on our granite top.Not getting rid of it though.
And I found the lemon juicer. We bought it in Mexico once when we got a hold of a lot of lemons. It is electric. 
Also this NuWave chopper? blender? what ever. Took me a bit to figure out how it went together to work. The motor is in the top piece. 
Debating about giving it to Goodwill or putting it back in the cupboard to forget about again. Tomorrow they might show up with the cupboard doors and then the mess will be done, I hope. 
Waiting for a grocery delivery today. Getting some more organizers for the cupboards. 


Mark said...

I love the dinnerware from Mexico. Very colorful and unique.More like artwork than just bowls and plates. How come did they have to paint the doors. I assume in order to match the repainted cabinets, did the cabinets get water damage??? So happy for you that the HUGE hassle is just about over.

Jackie McGuinness said...

We've made 2 trips so far to Good Will. I have a few things to post to sell.
Just wrapped up another box of mugs for Good Will.

Suz said...

We used the metal grinder grind up cranberries to make cranberry salad. Yum! Glad you are getting your kitchen back.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark -There was damage to the bases of the cabinets - so they had to be repainted, we decided to change the doors. Going to try to call bakery in Centro today to see if he is open. Will let you know.
Jackie - good luck with your remodel. Between not being able to go anywhere and the continued moving mess in the house, I've become crabbier than usual.
Suz. Finding all kinds of stuff in the cupboards and kitchen drawers.
Now do I keep them or give them away. The grinder I'm keeping.

Phil said...

My Mother had the same kind of meat grinder, but hers was a Universal. The last time I checked on eBay, it was $85. Better check before you give away or donate. You may be giving away you kid's retirement.

Barb said...

My grandma had a grinder like that too. She put cabbage in it to make cole slaw. I would think they are worth some money now.