Sunday, July 12, 2020

We live in a blow dryer

We had this for lunch yesterday. As always very good. Mine looked almost exactly like the picture, but forgot to take a pic of it. Chicken, rice and salad. 
 Taken out the kitchen window, it is in the shade, about 6 p.m.
But last nights sunset was pretty. I only had on socks when I went out to take the picture about 8:10 - wasn't long before I had to get back on the sidewalk off the HOT asphalt. 

 This was this morning about 7:30 - It is now almost 11 a.m. and we are over the 100. Bill just said it is even hot for him...
Spent part of this morning getting some of the STUFF put where we can't see it.  My sewing room. It had stuff under the cutting table and piled on the futon and behind the chair. Found places for all of it. 
 While making room for STUFF I found two more unfinished projects. So will try to remember how to do the needlepoint and hooking for the rug. 
 I started by cleaning the STU FF out of the laundry room. Did a couple of loads of laundry and had fits trying to fold it with no open space. Done deal - of course we probably won't be able to find anything ever again. 
 Bill preparing chicken to make milanesa. He makes it in big batches that we freeze. He likes it in sandwiches. The cupboard and high chair [which is 61 years old] are moved back where they belong for now.  
 I found my cooling towel - so here I am ready for anything. 
Except for borders or framing the ladies are completely done. She has her flowers and some beads I bought in China. Her tuna can earrings and I finished the fan and tassel.   
And she now also has her flowers and corset type thing done. I finished them because I found my glue guns. Too bad I didn't remember how HOT the darn glue got. Now have a couple of tender end fingers. There are also some beads sewn on the corset corners. I didn't think I'd finish them so fast. But when you have nothing else to do...
Another bad race for the #18 - Champion last year, terrible this year. 


Mark said...

Things aren't looking very good for #18 this year at all. Very strange what is going on with him.

barb said...

The "Ladies" look great! I love the silks used in their gowns. Good job! What's your next project?

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - even his trucks aren't doing good. he seems to have lost his fire. Their 5 yr old kid is already learning to race on dirt tracks.
Barb - thanks, I've had the silk for years, bought it for nothing a long time ago. Finishing up a couple of things. Hooking a fish??? designee rug then going to try to finish a needle point I started 12 years ago. Don't know what I'll do with them when finished.