Monday, July 6, 2020

The MESS and other things

We had a visitor this morning. They are so cute. Going up to 108 today and 109 tomorrow. No going anywhere.

We should hear from the insurance company sometime this week then we'll be able to get the work done - I hope. Meantime THE MESS is driving me crazy. Just looking for stuff - finally found the plastic gloves box in my bathroom in the bathtub along with Kleenex, paper towels and toidy paper. {I use the freestanding shower.}
When ever I want something from the fridge I still head to the kitchen instead of the living room. Actually, except for the floor the kitchen is the only unmessy room in the house. 
 In the living room is a curio cabinet from small room, refrigerator from kitchen. A wooden trunk belongs where the fridge is and a small cabinet that goes up against the wall in the dining room. All the stuff on top is from the big free standing cabinet that was in the laundry room. 
Cabinet is full of cook books - even a 1956 edition of Betty Crocker red plaid cook book. 
 The little room.  Back of cabinet from laundry room. On the table some beading stuff still and things removed from said cabinet. 
My sewing room is full too. Things from hall cabinet that was removed and lots of things that were on the beading table. 
 Under the sewing table are boxes of beads and beading magazines. 
Even the laundry room is piled high. 
 All the knick knacks from the living and dining room have been removed and are filling our bedroom closet and tops of dressers. Other than that it is livable. 
 It is like a scavenger hunt to finds things. 
The full moon over the desert. Lots of smoke in air from fireworks and fire on mountain. 
 My bathroom window from outside at night. No lights on in bathroom...
 Still working on the ladies. This is the last one, but still have lots of work to do on all of them.  Her kimono looks strange but will look better when all stitching is done. 
Here is something to occupy some of your time. And no I don't know the answers for sure. But I think I got them all, not real sure about #4 though.  A friend posted it on Facebook - I'm hoping she has the titles. 
And that is it for the last few days. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I put the answers on Facebook.
Just think of the mess as a way to tidy up and declutter!

We're in the process of getting some jobs done, the big one will be replacing the wood floors.

Carol and Bill said...

Good luck doing the floors. Could live for a long time without doing that.

Kathy Tycho said...

Nice to be friends on facebook too! Sure wish I could just copy my facebook posts to blogger. Blogger takes more cell data than I can use while facebook is quick. We can't get high speed internet where we live. Sure hope you get "demessified" soon.