Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bill's fancy drone.

 A few things going on the last few days. Bill got the wrap for one of his drones, so it is now pretty fancy.

The entire drone is wrapped. Here it is up in the air out back of our house. 
I've been trying to get out mornings for walks now that it is a little cooler. Came around the corner and saw this guy. Not one of the bunnies I usually see - my what long ears it has. When he took off the long back legs gave him away. First time I've seen a jack rabbit around here.
As I walk by the storage area I always check the RV. Here it is with its new wheel lock and also a steering wheel lock. I think I mentioned an RV was stolen from the other lot here in  the community a couple of weeks ago. It was recovered but had been stripped. So taking no chances. The bankie is covering the mural on the hood. It really is getting faded, the blanket not the mural. 
Got started in the new box of puzzles - already finished one - took about 35 minutes to do. Only 100 pieces. I have to pace myself or will soon be out of puzzles again. Of the 8 puzzles in box four are only 100 pieces.
Yesterday I didn't get out to walk. Bill had to go to eye doctor for laser surgery on his one eye. Since the cataract surgery it had become hazy and blurry. The laser didn't take long and SHOULD have taken care of the problem. But today Bill says it is as bad as it was before laser. So will call doctor's office as soon as they open to see what now?
This morning's sunrise. Again lots of smoke in the air. And more on the way.
I managed to do 1.4 miles in 33 minutes today. Used to be able to do 3 miles in an hour. But these old legs and feet are complaining about just sitting around for four months. Little by little I'll go further and faster - I hope. 
Just got off phone with eye doctor, will see him next Monday. But it might be another problem, won't know till then. 
Just got our grocery order from WalMart - Every week I try to order a couple of things that haven't been available for months and today we got a couple of them. A softsoap refill and YEAST! Hooray. But now I don't want/need it cause we can buy all kinds of bread. 
I have two doctor appointments this week, one to get a heart monitor to wear, for a day, I guess. That should be annoying. 
Fixed an empanada for breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs cooked with ham, let cool. Put on pie dough add salsa and Mexican blend cheeses - fold over dough to make empanada then put in air fryer for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese for last two minutes. Very good and VERY filling. Wow it is 12:30 and the air conditioning JUST came on. 


Barb said...

With the paint job on your RV, I doubt anyone would steal it. Would be very easy to spot anywhere!

Carol and Bill said...

Barb - probably right, but then again why not lock it down. When the Jeep was stolen years ago, the paint job made it easy to find and return it back to us.