Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Heard the coyote and saw the road runner

 At last! Tolerable weather, but only for three days. Today's high is supposed to be 81 degrees. My kind of weather, but we still have some of the wind. By Friday it will be back up to 100+ again. 

This is on my desk calendar. Took me a few days before I noticed it. 

Went for a walk this morning, such a pleasure with the breeze and cool temperatures. This is our little bush in the side yard. It has really grown this year. For a couple of years we didn't think it would make it. I like it because it blooms all summer. 
On the walk we passed The Road Runner. Heard the coyotes howling last night so hope he is being careful. This is the first one I've seen here. 
Not as much smoke in the air today but a lot of dust. So didn't go too far. 
Still playing with the air fryer. This was yesterday. Stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed with Brie and sprinkled with breadcrumbs and a little cheese and olive oil. Pretty good. Didn't remember to take a picture until we eaten most of them. 
Well nuts - I had a 4:10 appointment with the cardiologist and they called me at 2 and asked if I could come in sooner. You bet! So it is now 4:10 and we are home already. Saw doctor and went to lab to have blood drawn. And now I have three more appointments with that doctor's office. My blood pressure is UP - I think it's because of all the hiding in the house we've been doing. He didn't seem too worried, just changing one of my meds. Just for this month we have six more doctor's appointments between us. So fun to get older.
Hopefully for the next few days it will be cool enough to get out and about some.


Mark said...

Ya getting older is a contact sport. And by that I mean your gonna come in 'contact' with more doctors. Hope all the appointments work out in your favor. Stay safe.

Carol and Bill said...

Regardless Bill says we're going to Mexico = leaving home on 11/4.

Mark said...

And I shall see you on Jan 3rd. Looks like the fun times shall continue. Before you know it will be here.