Sunday, June 19, 2016

Alamo, NV - 100 miles from Home

We are enjoying the tiny - 1081 pop - town of Alamo, NV.  Not far enough away to get out of the heat but the AC in the RV works pretty good. Just thought I'd take a picture of the new tile wall now that it is done. 
 And my new hand towels are already being used. 
 From the campground in Alamo. Had no idea it was here until I remembered several Canadian friends who mentioned they stopped over night in Alamo so I looked it up. Just off the highway, very good WiFi and level spaces. A pretty sunset last night but too many trees to see much of it. 
 Looking in the other direction,
 An almost full moon - be full tonight I think
 The RV park, used to be called Alamo RV now it is Picketts RV 
 Driving around the town looking for a restaurant for breakfast. A bug in a field. 
 The town Pharmacy. Everything was closed today. The only activity we saw was around one of the churches.
 Reminds me of Jackson Hole, WY -he just needs a few more antlers. 
We finally found an open restaurant - a big beautiful one. Cabins, restaurant and  bakery. 

 Inside the restaurant. Very pretty place. And excellent and lots of food at a good price. 
After eating and before it got too hot we took a drive out towards Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. An oasis in the desert.  
 From parking lot to the lake. A tunnel of trees. 
There were several people fishing there. Fishing for carp. But the carp eat the vegetation and stir up the mud on the bottom which upsets the migrating birds. Not as many come now as a few years ago. Something will be done to control the carp population. 
 Some plants will grow anywhere. 
There are several big ranches around the area. Lots of cattle, horses and green fields. 

 Willie, the Jeep now enjoys the dirt roads. Now that he doesn't have a broken axle. No thunks or squeaks. And the air conditioning is working great. Decided if we wanted to go anywhere and be comfortable we couldn't wait until we went to Mexico. 
 The only cloud in the sky - a cover for an alien ship perhaps. This is close to Area 51 after all. 
 Visited the Visitor Center Very interesting. They have a wonderful movie about all the wild life especially the migratory birds. 

By the time we left the center the heat had set in. Over 105. Time for AC.
Watched TV and read and basically stayed out of the heat the rest of the day. Did venture out to go to the grocery store to get lettuce and some delicious chicken tenders to make a salad. Tomorrow on to Piochi - at 6000 feet it should be cooler. 


Tioga George said...

Wow! Carol and Bill, you two are my idols because you continue to wander around in your RV.

When I contemplate buying another RV and compare RV life with my present senior apartment life, my apartment life wins!

Your friend,


Contessa said...

Do you think you could have taken the Alfa towing into the Windmill restaurant? also would you be able to overnite in it? Always looking for another place to ovenite on the way to Vegas.

Carol and Bill said...

It's huge parking lot with lots of room to navigate. Don't know about the over night - it is park of a very fancy hotel/resort.