Friday, June 24, 2016

Snake River Hagerman, ID

Cooled down real nice last night in Jackpot. Almost had to put on a regular t-shirt this morning instead of sleeveless one. Almost!
Pilling out of RV park at 9:00 this morning.
Five minutes later we were in Idaho and it was 10:05. Have to remember we are in a different time zone again. 
Don't know what happened but as soon as we entered Idaho the WIND picked up. For sure a two hand steering time. Bill had to drive on or at least real close to the center line to keep from going off the road. Crossing over the Snake River. This house has a boat garage. Rough life.
We did a  whole 74 miles today. We are staying in Hagerman RV Village in Hagerman, Idaho. Just north west of Twin Falls. Nice campground. Most spaces have trees but we asked for one without so we can get TV with no problem. $28 with Good Sam discount. Long level pull through space. Parks WiFi works good. The little town is close by and has restaurants and a market and gas. Temperature at 4:30 a great 75 degrees. 

Is it fall here in Idaho already? This pretty green and red leaved tree in front of us. 
Taking a ride to check out the scenery. Crossing the Snake River again.  It seems to be really high. 
See the two white dots out on the water. Got a closer look at one of them a little further on. 
Oh, Oh that is not a cloud. Looks like a wild fire and it must have just started as we came in this way not too long ago. 
Some information about the area. 
This is interesting. Explains the water falls we saw. 
This is one side of the highway. 
This is the other side. A perfect day to walk by the river. Except for the wind which is almost strong enough to blow me over. 
Hopefully this will enlarge when you click on it. The white streak across the water is a big waterfall and there are three smaller ones to the left of it. 
The big water fall again and three smaller ones to the right too. 
A closer look at some of them. No boats on the river. The wind was blowing and the river flowing really fast. 
A closer look at the three smaller ones. 
And a close look at one of the white pelicans - in Idaho on the Snake River. Had no idea there would be pelicans in Idaho, let alone white ones. 
Just another view of the river and water falls. So peaceful here. There is also an RV park just next to where we are - right on the river. Next time through here we'll stay there. 
The big waterfall coming down the mountain. The barn is on an island and belonged to the first women to have a ranch and breed cattle in Idaho. If we figure out how to get over there we can tour the barn. 
I like this sign board for this church.
Stopped for lunch at the River Boat in downtown Hagerman. Only people in there. Good curly fries.
The outside of the restaurant. All the vehicles belong to patrons of the bar. 
Was watching NASCAR practice in Sonoma, CA and my driver #18 the M & Ms car hit a jack rabbit on the track. Did some damage to the underside of the car. He said he tried to miss it but the rabbit just stopped and turned around. 
And while we were out driving around a car passed us and threw a rock into the Jeep's windshield.  So now we have a nice big chip in it. Almost looks like a bullet hole. GRRRR...


Doug and Nancy said...

Hey friends - nice day!! Love the header picture....

Wendy said...

We have white Pellicans up here in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada they are fun to watch fishing. Have a great trip love your posts

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. It is weird being in this small [for us]rig. Lots of things to get used to. Still haven't cooked in it.