Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finally came up with a name for the RV

Well we are in Boise, Idaho. Just in time for the temperatures to get to 101 degrees. Supposed to get down to high 60's at night though. Hope so. 
We are staying at a friends home here. He has nice level area to park with electricity. Only problem is, he has lots and lots of trees so no satellite signal. We can get our Verizon MiFi. We'll be here for a while. We will see what we can pick up with the antenna. 
Didn't take any pictures today. Only did 102 miles with a stop for gasoline. We were going to stay in an RV park but our friends invited us to stay with them. Free rent, park like setting, Koi pond, chickens and sheep how could we refuse. 
Had the chip in the Jeep's windshield fixed today. Covered by insurance thank goodness. Can hardly see it. 
Another 100 degree day. Ran a few errands, breakfast out, Lowes and Walmart. Then waited for windshield fix it guy. 
Dealing with the LV accident. Driver of car claims the awning strut jumped out and hit his mirror.
Yah! There is more damage than it looked like at first. It is all one unit - can't replace just strut...
The name for the Jayco will be Jinx.

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