Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hot time in Vegas

It hit the 100 mark yesterday. Today is should hit 105. I did get up early enough to take a walk yesterday morning. In fact managed between walking, shopping and running around in the sewing room to do 10300+ steps yesterday. 
We are again waiting for the air conditioning technician. Yesterday afternoon the unit started to go on and off,. Would cool for a while and then stop. Noticed it when temps inside reached 89. Ugh. I keep reminding myself that it is "dry heat" so doesn't feel as horrible as it did in Indiana. 
Me and my friend admiring a colorful bush on the walk yesterday morning. 
 Another colorful bush. 
 Got up even earlier this morning - there was one cloud in the sky, just before the sun popped up.

No walk today it was 83 outside when I got up. By Sunday it is supposed to be 109. Good thing it is a race day - TV all afternoon. 
Went and picked up the RV from the storage lot and Bill got an early start on the tile. Last I checked he was grouting it. Staying away from out there.
 And I got a start on the quilt. The sewing part isn't hot but ironing all the seams open heats things up pretty quick. One row is missing on the right side and the row on the left side is set up for sewing the zillions of seams. So far I've got two long rows sewed together and only have had to rip three seams. Somehow I cut one strip of material to narrow and didn't notice it until after seaming it. I found a big enough piece of material in my "stash" for the backing so only had to buy the batting which was 50% off at JoAnn's yesterday. 
Also have already taken Bill to the mechanic to pick up the Jeep. No more thumping and clanking. New front axle. I keep telling myself it is cheaper to fix Willie than to have car payments for fie years. Especially for something we don't like as well as what we have. 
Just discovered we've sold two more eBooks on Amazon. Thank you who ever bought them. Hope you enjoy them.
And thank everyone for their kind thoughts for our John.
105 right now with 5% humidity. And the air conditioner technician is here. I guess it got excited when it got the Freon replaced as now he is replacing the motor. This time only a $65 service call.

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