Saturday, June 18, 2016

Left Las Vegas, but wasn't easy

In spite of the beautiful sunset last night all things haven't gone smoothly since the sun went down.
Looking out the front of the house. 
It always amazes me what sun on clouds can do - all the different colors. 
We brought Jayco to the front of the house earlier in the day. After going to the office and telling the clerk there that we were going to be loading and leaving in the morning. She said okay, I'll make a note of it. Well I guess she didn't. 
About 9 p.m. we got a knock on the door. It was park security telling us we needed to put the RV back in storage, we couldn't leave it in the street overnight. We told him we'd let the office know and were told it was okay. So he left. We settled in again. About 1/2 hour later there he was again KNOCK, KNOCK. 
Guard "You have to move it. I called the manager [who is new] and she says you can't keep it there overnight. It is a county law."  
Bill, "Well sorry but it isn't and I won't move it. Give me a ticket. It says in the parks rules I can keep it overnight while loading." 
Guard, " She says you can't. There isn't anything I can do. to me -"Get the rules and regulations copy."
Okay - and sure enough right there in writing page 7 article 10. RVs can be in the street overnight if unloading or loading for/from a trip. Do the guard took a picture of the rule. And we had a cup of coffee with him, let him know we'd be gone for awhile. He says he'll watch the house. Shook hands and left. When the last manager was there - the "rules" said it was 48 hours.
Bills friends out in the yard this morning waiting for their breakfast. Wonder if they will still like him in four or five weeks. They should lose some weight. 
So anyway, we finished loading, hooked car and left to go to breakfast. Had a good breakfast and talked about what way we would take out of town. Surface streets or freeway. Because it was 8:30 we decided surface streets. Not a good choice. Bill was driving down the center lane of a three lane street. I glanced out my window and thought "Wow that red car is getting really close to us, drifting into our lane." Before I could say anything. WHACK! "HE HIT US!"Bill pulled over and so did the other car. I was surprised he did. His drivers mirror hit our RV right in front of the awning strut. You can see the strut is sticking out at an angle. 
The driver said " The strut just jumped out and hit his mirror." Yah right! then why are there streaks in front of the strut? Oh, well. Both Bill and I think he was a little distracted or under the influence. Exchange insurance info - he was driving someone else' car. We let our insurance company know, but are not putting in a claim. Most of the streaks will buff out and the struck just needs slight repair. So we turned around and went home so Bill could secure the strut. Right now we can't open the awning because a little piece is missing that will let the strut move up and down.  So we finally got on the road - this time the freeway - and made it to Alamo, NV.
So here we are driving North on state highway 93. Lots and lots of nothing - as you can see forever. 
I like the Joshua trees. They are all so different 
Bill took the Jeep in and had an "eyebrow" put on the windshield to cut the reflection from the under part of the cab-over. It works but also interferes with my picture taking. So I have to be careful when taking a pic out the windshield. 
Just the miles of view. 
More view. 
A couple of lakes in this area.
And a grove of dead trees.

Getting closer to the little town of Alamo where we will spend a few nights. The thermometer got up to 110, right now it is 5:30 and it is still 100.

We are watching the Argentina vs Venezuela soccer match. Rough game, Strange referee - some strange calls. And soon I'll watch the truck race while Bill watches the next soccer game. 
So that was our day. Glad to be vegging out this evening. 

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Contessa said...

I sure hope that those scratches buff off. How sad that you already had your first idiot encounter in the new RV. Great job on holding your own re the load/unload rule. We get a max of 3 days but only 4 times per year.