Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Showing the Colors

I didn't get around to posting yesterday on Flag Day, but think this is just fine any day. 

We said good bye to the Alfa yesterday as he headed towards his new home. Hope he has a good home. I meant to take a picture of him leaving but forgot my camera. 
Worked some on my Christmas aprons, just need to make the ties and put the backing on and they will be done. Pictures another day. Also went out and got the batting and backing for the quilt. 
Yesterday and today are the last of the nice days, although we are having a lot of wind it isn't scorching out. But it is getting there - 113 by Sunday! Got to find someplace cool to go. 
We got the paper work for the new RV today - so he is ready to travel. 
Interesting sights all around in Vegas, just have to look for them. 
This building sells manikins. These are full sized crawling up the outside of the building. Love them!
And more interesting center dividers here in Vegas. Everything but the rocks is metal. Including the mama and two baby quail.
 See the jack rabbit? And I just noticed a little horse figure on the lower left by the rocks. 
 I tried to get a picture of the road runner - it didn't turn out to well but when I took it I didn't see the flag. 
I took the above pictures on our way home from the doctor. My last appointment of any kind for at least a month. The good news is no more surgery - everything is in good shape and working well. But will have to go on a sustained series of antibiotics to try and get rid of the infections once and for all. Doctor feels that a normal dose of antibiotics for a week or two would knock the infection down but not get completely rid of it. So gradually it would come back in full force. So now I'll be on antibiotics for at least a month - maybe longer. And he feels that once it is good and truly gone I'll probably be over it. Sure hope so been fighting it for over five years. 
Have my Fourth of July stained glass in the kitchen window. They are hanging over my collection of piggies. 
 While we were gone today the cleaning ladies were. So nice to come home to a VERY clean and fresh smelling house. And fancy toilet paper. I hate to use it so I pull out another roll to use. Nuts huh? Mayberry's Maids of Las Vegas. The best cleaning service around. 
Tomorrow I'm going to study the weather conditions and try to find somewhere it will be cool for a couple of weeks. And then we might just take off for a time. 

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