Monday, June 6, 2016

To hot to trot, but not to sew.

Another picture taken while we were walking in The Wetlands just behind our home. The building in the back ground are hotels on the Strip. The Stratosphere is in the right third of picture. 
Been too hot even early in the morning to go back out there. Reached 109 officially yesterday at the airport. Here in the East end of the Vegas valley it gets a couple of degrees hotter. Our thermometer said 114 in the shade! Today is supposed to be a degree cooler - and by the end of the week a real cool down only 98 and 99. At least the AC is working good now - took two visits from the technician. One to add Freon and the second to replace the motor. Thank goodness for the home warranty. 
We got out early yesterday morning for breakfast and some shopping. Was already 99 when we got home at 10:00.
This is a picture of the Jeep - still haven't washed him since coming home from trip. 
After I took that picture we went to a semi automatic car wash and he doesn't look much better - guess the dirt has been baked on. He needs a good scrubbing.
Our driver's licenses finally arrived. Thank goodness. Don't know where they disappeared to the DMV never got them back. 
I planned on working on my quilt during the race yesterday but the race got rained out so I didn't do too much on it. Did get the binding cut so today during the race - if it is not raining back east - I'll sew the binding on and finish the hand stitching it down. 
Maybe we shouldn't have hung this in the sun.
To hot to do anything else so while watching the NASCAR race this morning I finished my quilt. Put the binding on. Hard to get a good picture of it. The backing is blue with little stars and Christmas trees, the binding red with gold leaves. 
 A closer look at part of it. Lots of little pieces,.
When I finished it I made some kitchen wipe your hands towels for the RV. Liked the dishtowels so bought them, cut them in half, Gathered the cut edge and made a bib. Sewed them together then added bias binding for ties. Fun to do. 
Even vacuumed up all the tiny threads all over the carpet. 
And that's it for today. Soccer game later in the afternoon - Argentina plays. 

3 comments: said...

Beautiful Christmas quilt I have a question.. you just use random scraps of material or was there a pattern for this quilt thanks

Carol and Bill said...

There was a pattern for it. There are the focal blocks then strips of 3 fabrics cut 2 1/2 inches and strips of 2 fabrics cut 6 1/2 inches. If you look close you can see the pattern. There were six long rows sewed together.

Carol and Bill said...

blocks are 6 x 6