Saturday, June 11, 2016

Doesn't Essential mean you need it?

Last evening we had quite a wind storm. Winds up around 35mph. And would you believe we woke up to RAIN this morning??? They - the TV weathermen - said there was a chance of rain but didn't believe them. Well they were right. This was the non sunrise this morning. The sky was still really overcast and not a breeze in the air. Just kind of weird and quiet. 
 Since it has been so warm I haven't done any walking, just too warm out even first thing in the morning. So this morning I took advantage of the early hour and cooler weather. Only walked for 25 minutes - a little over a mile. I had to be home by 6:00 to watch NASCAR practice on TV. The sky when I started my walk. 
 The sun was breaking through as I neared home. 
During a break in racing we took a quick run out for errands. Breakfast, of course, and then to a graphics place to pick up the maps of Mexico, Central and South America so we can put them on the new RV. They will show where we've been in an RV. Had to have Mexico, Central and South America. US and Canada we bought at the RV dealer. Will take a pic when Bill gets them up. When it cools down. 
When we got home the Xfinity race had started so I watched it and worked on my quilt. Got the entire top done, now need to buy the batting and backing.
 While I was sewing Bill was cooking more buenelos. He used Granny Smith apples this time and they are really, really good. 
Yes, we ate all the ones he made last week already. These he made bigger too. I'd best get some in the freezer before we eat them all today. 
Yesterday evening we watched the Copa America - Argentina was playing. They won 5 - 0. Messi was on the bench until about the 70th minute of the game. When he came on the field the crowd roared. Every time he touched the ball they roared even more. In the 20 some minutes he played he made 3 goals, a hat trick, and had one assist. He is very good. 
Today watching the car race I was liking three drivers - of course my favorite Kyle Busch, and Eric Jones - he is just 20 and has won several times - and he was driving with a heavy heart as his father passed away this week of cancer at 53. And also like Daniel Suarez. All three drive for Joe Gibbs Racing. Eric led for a while, then Kyle took over and in the last two laps Daniel Suarez passed Kyle for the win. Exciting. Truck race last night was good too. Kyle's truck and driver also made a last few laps pass to win. Hope tomorrow goes as well. 
I mentioned I have been having medical tests. Finally got my results yesterday. I am happy to announce there is nothing wrong with me, all results were good. The reason for the tests was extremely high blood pressure that medication wasn't bringing down. And because it came on so suddenly - after all the stress of last year - they were worried there might be a cause and/or the high blood pressure had caused some damage to my kidneys or heart. Nothing wrong and now the new pills have the pressure under control. Probably the walking and the loss of weight has helped too. So anyway the doctor told me I have "Essential High Blood Pressure." Essential? How can HBP be essential if we're trying to bring it down!!! So doctor explained to me that Essential hypertension is high blood pressure that doesn't have a known cause. In other words "they don't have a clue why my pressure shot up." His quote not mine. 
So I looked up essential in dictionary  
  1. absolutely necessary; extremely important:
  2. synonyms:crucialnecessarykeyvitalindispensable
  3. (of a disease) with no known external stimulus or cause; idiopathic:

noun  a thing that is absolutely necessary

Well it is sure not #1 - but guess it is #2. 
Oh, and I also have Essential tremors - more of that essential crap. Another not a clue thing.
Essential tremor (ET) is a nerve disorder characterized by uncontrollable shaking, or "tremors," in different parts and on different sides of the body. Areas affected often include the hands, arms, head. 
My hands don't shake at all when I hold them out or are not using them. They only shake when I use them - like when I have to write something. Good luck reading it. Or picking up a cup or eating utensil. Ooops, there go the peas right off the fork. They also shake when I'm typing - thank goodness for spell check as I hit some really weird keys, also when I'm using the mouse. It jerks all over the place. BUT I can thread the sewing machine needle with no problem. Go figure. 
So that's whats been going on. One more doctor appointment next week for the other problem - the one I had surgery for last year.  


Contessa said...

I am happy for you, finally you know what is happening with your body. Essential tremors are not fun to live with but sounds like you have everything under control. Keep enjoying each day to the fullest.

SandyM said...

Essentially you are in Good health, right, and that is wonderful news. What a lucky little girl that will receive that quilt - it has beautiful colors

Carol and Bill said...

Actually I feel better now than I've felt in a couple of years. And know more about my health than I ever cared to learn.

Carol and Bill said...

I feel better now then I've felt in years. I've lost 15 pounds and am walking - when it's not too darn hot. I also know more about my health than I've ever wanted to know. Except for the annoyances of the shakes and the hypertension pills I have nothing to complain about. Not bad for almost 78.