Saturday, June 4, 2016

An Alfred Hitchcock kind of day

First thing in the morning when we get up we open up the sliding glass door to the patio and the front door just to let in some fresh and the last two days "kind of" cool air. The front door has a screen. The patio door does not. We keep talking about getting a screen for it but unless we tie it to the roof of the car we can't get it home. So far we really haven't needed one as there are very few flying bugs here in the desert. 
Yesterday temps got up to 107 only cooling to 80 by morning. Even way up on the mountain it will be 82 degrees. Today is supposed to be hotter and tomorrow even warmer. The news was of course talking about the weather and gave out some interesting information. At 105 outside temperature the dashboard of a closed car can reach 210 degrees. WOW. Many a time the steering wheel has been too hot to hang on to - no wonder. Glad we have cloth seats in our cars. 
Our AC is working with the new motor but I still think there is something else wrong with it as last summer in the 114-5 degree heat when we were moving in it kept the house quite a bit cooler. So will continue to monitor it and maybe put in another call next week. 
I've mentioned that Bill feeds the pigeons and bunnies that come to our back yard. First thing every morning he throws out food for them. An hour or so after I got up he went back to bed to "read."  I was in the sewing room working on my quilt with the TV on watching NASCAR. I heard a ear splitting shriek from the living room. WHAT? Another shriek. I got up to investigate. Just inside the door stood this guy. [The picture was taken after I got him back outside and shut the door.] When we saw each other he spread his huge wings and shrieked again. Whoa! It worked. I was intimidated. I yelled at him and waved my arms at him. He flapped his wings and opened his very big beak mouth. All the time I'm thinking Bill will hear this and come out - he slept through it! Also thinking I can't let him get further into the house as he is big enough to make a real mess if he starts flying around in a panic. So I picked up a dining room chair and advanced on him, shoving the chair legs towards him and screaming at him to go away. I actually had to poke him with the chair leg before he backed up out the door. Talk about shutting a door fast. I think he was still mad at me when I took this picture. Don't know if he is a crow or a raven - what ever - he was BIG- his wing spread was well over two feet. 
We will get a screen door - soon. 
Baked Bill a couple of pie crusts before it got too hot to turn on the oven. He likes just a crust with butter, applesauce (just enough to leave a slight taste of apple), cinnamon and sugar on it. Even the smell of that baking didn't bring him out - must have been a really "good book" he was reading. 
Kept working on my quilt while watching NASCAR. I have the top together and the batting and backing cut to fit. Just have the quilting and binding to finish. But then the race stopped because of rain. Here is the completed top - it is laying on the floor on a dark colored rug. When finished it will be 36" x 44". 
Think while I have all the Christmas material out I'll make a couple of Christmas aprons or place settings for my daughters-in-law. I forgot how much I enjoy sewing. 
Aww. Love is in the air. 

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Love your quip top.. I was just getting into sewing and quilting I used to say a lot for 40 years ago.. when my cataracts really got too bad to continue with that but now I got them fixed and I want to get back into it I really like it also keep up the good work and show more quilt Donna AKA grammynmaggie on the fourm

Contessa said...

Crazy crow!

I suggest you recall that company that added the freon to your A/C unit. Same thing happened to us 2 years ago. Somehow they never added enough the first time.