Monday, June 13, 2016


We finally took the Jeep, Willie, to get washed yesterday morning. Discover a full service car wash near us. At least he isn't pink anymore. Hadn't washed him since we got home from trip. $20.00 for a car wash - and then we had to point out places they'd missed. What happened to $4.99 washes? Bill did a little more work on him after we got home. At least it was cool out at 8:00 a.m.
After washing him - took him to fill his tank. Prices are slowly creeping up $2.399 a gallon unleaded.  While the tank was filling I noticed another utility box that is painted. They are all over the city and each one is different. It is fun discovering them. 
 Up early this morning, but the sunrise wasn't worth it. Too many low heavy clouds. At least we had another cool night - in the high 70's - feels good. So I set off on a walk, didn't take one yesterday. 
 I  walked down to the storage lot with Bill and he picked up the RV and took it home. I kept walking got in 4100 steps. When I turned down our street this is what I saw.  The RV with a ladder set up behind it. Guess Bill is anxious to get his maps up. 
Soon he was up on the ladder putting up our web site address. The letters were supposed to be black or blue but the guy made them in white and Bill didn't say anything. They kind of show up. 
 It is going on the bedroom slide. 
 The outline for the two we bought US and Canada. The ones for Mexico, Central and South America he had made. So far the sun was still behind the house. 
 Putting in the states and countries. We only put u[ the ones we've been in in our motorhomes. 
The finished job. The blank spaces are places we haven't been yet. Need to get to Canada and Eastern coast of US and Mexico. So we (he) have actually driven a motorhome from Alaska, through western Canada, though a lot of states, down the western side and parts of central Mexico and through all but five South American countries. The book we wrote All The Way To Argentina is about our trip in 1978 through Mexico, Central and South America. In a 24' Class A motorhome with our five kids. 
 Even the license plate says MVN ON1 -[ Moving on 1] The Jeep is MVN ON2. The shadows make the back end look 3-D but it is actually very flat. 
While we were outside doing the maps, I was also running back and forth doing laundry. And yesterday I worked some on one of two Christmas Aprons I'm making. Using up more of my Christmas material scraps. Will work on them again today while watching some NASCAR news. Bad day for #18 yesterday his engine blew and the car started on fire. 
Also a couple of soccer games on late afternoon. But before that Bill has to take the RV in for its first oil change. He laughs at me watching TV and sewing and/or reading. Doesn't understand how I can do both at the same time. I've told him I learned to multi task when the kids were young. Had to if I wanted to get anything done and keep track of the five of them. 

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