Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Enough already with the 109+

Another hot day here, but today a few clouds and some breeze. Even way up on Mount Charleston it was 90! Still don't go out unless we have to. Did take the RV into the dealership for some fixes. One major one was the water pump quit working. So we now have a new one. We took it in at 8:00 a.m. and got it back at 1:30 all fixed AND washed. Good service.
Friday it goes in for the first oil change. The dealer doesn't do that. So taking it to the local Pep Boys and putting synthetic oil in it. Will leave it off on our way for me to see the cardiologist. Hopefully all the tests he made me take all show up nothing.
Turned the water on here at home earlier and nothing came out of the faucet. Hum? Tried another faucet - nope. So called the office of the park. A big water main broke and was getting fixed. You'd think they would let people know when they weren't going to have any water. It's back on now. Have to remember to be careful as we turn on a faucet for the first time. I already got spit on by the kitchen one.
I've started a new quilt for our great grand daughter due in September. I remembered I'd started making quilt blocks a couple of years ago while living in Indiana. Just going through a book and making all the different blocks with the thought of eventually making what is called a sampler quilt. So I pulled them out and gathered up all the ones that had pink in them. Now I'm in the process of making several more with the same materials and/or colors. Enough to make a crib sized quilt.
I also got the material I need to make a couple of Christmas aprons. Just needed the muslin and backing. I have all the Christmas material for the fronts.
Was going to stop at the library today, now that we have our driver's licenses, but also need another type of identification to verify address. So will have to find something that came in the mail. Most of our bills are e-bills now!
At least this week there are a lot of soccer games on in the late afternoon and evening to watch. The Copa America - all teams from the Americas. USA played a good game yesterday. Didn't think they could play that good. Argentina did pretty good too. And Mexico is surprisingly good this time.
Last time we saw our doctor it was for a Medicare Wellness Check. What a crock! Just questions about - are you happier than most people? Do you get bored? Do you have any frayed wires at your home? If I did I wouldn't tell them. WTH? And they have the nerve to charge for an office visit for that. I thought I was going to get a check up or never would have gone. And did you know that once your reach 75 you are no longer going to get a lot of preventative tests. Not worth the expense as your probably going to die before you're cured. Changes to Medicare. At least our doctor tells it like it is.
Going to go watch a game on TV and think about cooking dinner.


Liz said...

Hope you get a break in your weather soon. It is cooler in the mountains.

Carol and Bill said...

The problem in going high enough to find cooler weather is Bill has problems with altitude. By the second day all he wants to do is sleep if we get over 5000 feet.